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2013 Winter Tips From Uncle Jed 

 Enjoy some Tricks, Tips, and Pellethead News!

Stove Tip

TIP- If and when your pellet stove runs completely empty of fuel/pellets, it may take 2-5 minutes of running to "PRIME " the auger again depending on the model.

TRY- Before starting put 1-2 nice handfuls of pellets in the firepot. Add pellets to your stoves hopper and then turn on your stove. By the time the handfuls of pellets burn up in your firepot your auger should be primed and your stove should start to drop pellets in the firepot. {Note: This is only a suggestion for automatic starting stoves. Every stove is different, if you have questions or want specifics based on your model please contact us.}



 Pellet Tips

~ Be sure to keep your pellets stored in a dry place. With snow, rain, and sun deterioration it is important to check your pellets once a month if stored outside to ensure they are protected well. If stored in the basement or garage, use 2x4’s to keep them off the cement floor and make sure there is spacing from a cement wall. Pellets can absorb that moisture and swell.

 *Be sure to never put swelled or wet pellets in your stove’s hopper.


~ Spring  2013 Early Buy is right around the corner. Keep your eyes out for your mailer coming this March! Buy early and save big!! Current pellet availability and specials can always be found on our website at

 hopper.jpg Pellet Grill Tip

-You may find yourself needing to run your grill a bit hotter in these colder months. If you normally run at 325 to bar-b-que in the summer, I would recommend setting it to 425 in the winter. By simply opening up your grill lid you can loose 100 degrees in a matter of seconds significantly slowing down your cooking time. Check out the thermal blankets offered by GMG; they keep the heat in whether you’re grilling in summer or winter. They have also shown to cut fuel costs by as much as 50%!

Don’t forget to checkout our grillin recipes! 


Pellethead News! 

This month almost every employee at Earth Sense is getting re-certified by the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). This ensures we are at the top of our game for our customers and are abreast of ever changing codes and installation outlines.
Pellet stove professionals at your service!