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Uncle Jed's Wood Pellet Animal Bedding


Uncle Jed's wood pellet Animal Bedding is a cleaner, easier, more cost effective way to keep your animal’s domain looking frecow.jpgsh and smelling clean.


Expect to save 25-50% on bedding costs compared to traditional wood shavings and straw.

During the pelletizing process, the sawdust is compressed at such high heat levels that it removes the tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens.  Our Animal Bedding contains no Black Walnut and is lab tested to be mycotoxin free*.

Pure pine and spruce raw materials control ammonia odor.  Lime is not necessary.

Quickly composts.

Great for all animals, large and small.

Wood pellet animal bedding has the ability to expand up to 5 times its size when exposed to moisture (wet areas will clump) saving you over half of your storage space.

Available in 1 tons skids (50 forty lb bags)  or by the bag.  One 40 lb bag absorbs approximately 160 lbs of liquid.  Bulk animal bedding is available for pick-up at our Readfield, WI facility.

Pallets are covered with a 4 mil "hooder" which ensures stable transportation and safe outdoor storage.

We bag our pellets locally in Readfield, WI, giving us control of consistency, quality and quantity.

Wholesale opportunities available.  Also, custom bagging/packaging available for wholesalers.

Local delivery available.

*Lab results available upon request