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Sizzlin’ Southwest Beef Brisket (Intensive recipe, but well worth it)

What you’ll need:

Whole brisket-5-7 lbs. (USDA Choice Grade)

Tablespoon salt

Tablespoon pepper

Tablespoon seasoning salt (Pleasoning is my favorite)

Tablespoon onion powder

GMG Beef Rub (Optional)

½ Cup apple juice

Teaspoon worcestershire sauce

Aluminum foil

Directions: Trim the fat cap to ¼” thick on the brisket, then score the fat in 3/8” squares like a waffle (this allows the rub, heat, and smoke to penetrate the meat.) Use GMG’s beef dry rub for best results; otherwise combine salt, pepper, season salt, and onion powder in a small bowl and mix well. Use your fingers and massage the rub very thoroughly into all parts of the brisket. Cover with foil/wrap and refrigerate 6-8 hours or overnight. NOTE: Return the brisket to room temperature before you begin to cook it. Place the brisket on your grill for 5 hours at a 185 degree ‘smoke’ setting- FAT SIDE UP. Spritz with apple juice about every hour or so during this time. After 5 hours, turn the brisket over and continue to smoke for 2 more hours. Turn the brisket back over to fat side up and continue to smoke until internal temperature reaches 165 (check with a meat thermometer; this may take up to another 4 hours.) Remove the brisket from the grill and wrap completely with aluminum foil (2-3 layers) leaving the top open. Mix the ¼ cup of apple juice and worcestershire sauce in a small bowl and drizzle over the top of your wrapped brisket; you can now close up the foil completely. Turn your grill up to a low 225 degree setting and cook until internal temperature reaches 198-201 (check with a meat thermometer frequently; this may take 2-6 hours.) Lay newspapers or paper towels in a cooler and lay the meat, still wrapped up in the aluminum foil on the paper. Close the cooler, and let the meat rest for an hour and a half. Remove, unwrap, and drain the juices into a separate bowl. Cut the brisket in 1/8” slices ACROSS the grain (you should now be able to cut it with a plastic fork!) Place the drained juices in the fridge for an hour or two, skim the fat of the surface, and reheat for an amazing au jus dip!

ENJOY!   bbq-beef-brisket.jpg