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Heating Costs 

Pellets make for a great alternative heating fuel. It is important to note that most of the costs incurred in wood pellets are shipping costs (pallets, stretch wrap, and baquad-castile-fs-loading-pellets-new.jpggs). Earth Sense Energy Systems offers bulk pellets and bulk delivery, eliminating these additional costs. Furthermore, Earth Sense Energy Systems has invested in its own fully automatic bagging and bulk unloading facilities. We can move larger volumes of pellet product faster and at a lower cost by bulk rail, than by palletized product on rail or semi. This helps to guarantee our stove customers quality products at the guaranteed lowest possible prices. Comparing the cost of pellets to current fossil fuel prices, a person can typically expect to save 25 to 75 percent fuel cost savings every heating season. When it comes to heating it's important to note that every home is different. The age of the home, insulation, window quality, square footage, the temperature outside, and how warm you keep it, are all factors that will ultimately determine how much fuel you may need. *Common example: An average 20 to 30 year old home of 1500 to 1800 square feet will consume approximately one 40 lb bag of pellets within a 24-hour period of time with a 40,000 BTU stove. *This figure is heating on an average 20 degree day, keeping the area inside approximately 70 degrees.


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