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Earth Sense Energy Systems typically offers four to six different varieties of bagged pellets and two varieties of “bulk” pellets. All wood pellets are guaranteed “premium” grade fuels consisting purely of 100% waste sawdust. Wood pellets range between 7,800 and almost 9,000 BTUs per pound. Most consist of less than 6% moisture content and 1/2% down to 1/16% of ash content.


Since wood pellets are in a continuous and controlled burn, there is virtually no creosote buildup, resulting in a much safer fuel source. Pellets are a renewable, biomass, alternative fuel source which is environmentally and economically friendly. Wood pellets combine the penetrating warmth and savings that wood heat offers, without the chopping, hauling, dirt, or bugs associated with wood heating.


Offered in 40 lb. sealed bags, the pellets are easy to handle, convenient, and don’t attract bugs or rodents of any sort. Each year, over 6.5 million cubic feet of sawdust, timber by-products, and other waste material are diverted from landfills and converted into  pellets, lessening the dependence on fossil fuels. Pellets are 100% organic, and when burned emit almost no smoke. Since they are carbon dioxide neutral as well, pellets have no contribution to the Greenhouse Effect. There are more than 150 pellet mills in North America, and more than one million pellet stoves have been sold since 1983, proving this heating technology to be sound.

NOTE: We at Earth Sense Energy Systems typically offer pellets to everyone, but as a stove customer of ours you receive significant benefits.

*Before pellet pick up, please call for pellet availability. CLICK HERE to review our current pellet availability and pricing.