St. Croix

Earth Sense Does Offer and Stock St. Croix Stove Parts for virtually all of their pellet stove models. We are working on adding these items into our website. Please call or email us, let us know what you need and we are happy to get your order taken care of at the guaranteed lowest prices with the fastest shipping.

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  • Sale! p-422-S72__MAR113__10539.jpg

    Ash Trap Clean-out Cover Plate, Old Style

    $18.00 $17.99
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  • Sale! p-269-S32__80P53352R__88668.jpg

    Auger Motor Mount Assembly

    $29.00 $27.99
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  • Sale! p-291-S45__80P52592R__90334.jpg

    Coal Rake Rod, Auburn

    $15.00 $14.89
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  • Sale! 80P53759-R 1 Thumbnail

    Coal Rake Rod, Greenfield Part#80P53759-R

    $43.00 $41.99
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  • Sale! p-273-S34__80P30033R__59056.jpg

    Heat Exchange Tube Scraper Rod

    $22.00 $19.99
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  • p-364-S37__8052567R__28042.jpg

    Heat Exchange Tube Scraper Rod

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