Whitfield/Lennox/Country/Iron Strike

Earth Sense Does Offer and Stock Whitfield, Lennox, Country and Iron Strike Stove Parts for virtually all of their pellet stove models. We are working on adding these items into our website. Please call or email us, let us know what you need and we are happy to get your order taken care of at the guaranteed lowest prices with the fastest shipping.

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  • Sale! p-640-W31__17150075__73538.jpg

    Cascade Pressure Vacuum Switch, Part# 17150075

    $162.00 $149.99
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  • Sale! p-697-Distribution_Gasket_resized__87380.jpg

    Convection Distrubution Blower Docking Gasket

    $16.00 $14.99
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  • Sale! p-1169-3-4_Gasket__56746.jpg

    Lennox & Iron Strike Montage Door Gasket Kit, Part# H7313 / 725MK

    $15.92 $14.99
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  • Sale! p-1190-610510000_Lennox_OEM_Gasket_Kit__14036.jpg

    Lennox & Whitfield Optima 3 & Profile 30 OEM Door Gasket Kit, 1″, 3 Separate Panes of Glass, Part# 61051000

    $104.00 $89.99
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  • Sale! Bella Circuit Board

    Lennox Bella Circuit Control Board, Part# H7626

    $994.00 $899.99
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  • Sale! p-446-Hopper_Catch_Wire_Resized__82993.jpg

    Lennox Country Hopper Lid Wire Cable Part# H5911

    $25.00 $23.99
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