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St. Croix pellet stoves have been built in the heart of America for over 20 years. Quality heating products built to last with superior craftsmanship and components. We typically stock the Prescott EXP and Prescott EXL – other St. Croix models are available by special order.

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  • $2989 ElementP

    St. Croix Element P Pellet Stove

    $2,999.00 $2,989.00
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  • $3199 Shown Here in Optional Nickel Plated Legs, Door and Louver.

    St. Croix Prescott EXL Pellet Stove

    $3,299.00 $3,199.00
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  • $3099 Hastings

    St. Croix Hastings Pellet Stove

    $3,199.00 $3,099.00
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  • St. Croix EXP

    St. Croix Prescott EXP Pellet Stove

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Showing all 4 results