Pure Performance. Townhouse or cabin, urban or suburban, Quadra-Fire is the heating source for any walk of life with an award-winning performance streak that’s unrivaled in the industry. Its stunning flame, wide range of BTUs for any sized home or environmentally safe burn with lower emissions are prefect examples. And thanks to its Four-Point Combustion System, the burn is longer-lasting, utilizing four stages that use up every available amount of material within the firebox. Quadra-Fire embraces standard fuel options like wood, gas and electric, but they also have many biomass choices available. Pellets provide an eco-friendly flame, and give you that hands-on experience without getting your hands dirty. Reliable, durable and highly efficient, Quadra-Fire is pure performance.

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    Castile & Mt. Vernon Ash Pan Gasket, Old Style

    $14.99 $8.99
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  • Sale! p-610-Q23__SRV7000-451__52912.jpg

    Mt Vernon A.E. & Edge 60 Wall Control

    $343.00 $329.99
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  • Sale! 7034-178 Pic 1

    Mt. Vernon AE & Edge 60 Ash Pan Gasket w/ Sealant, Part# SRV7034-178

    $52.00 $49.99
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  • Shown here in Mahogany Enamel Finish.

    Quadra-Fire Castile Pellet Fireplace Insert

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  • Castile Matte Black FS

    Quadra-Fire Castile Pellet Stove

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  • Classic Bay 1200 w optional log set

    Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Stove

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