Lennox & Iron Strike Montage Door Gasket Kit, Part# H7313 / 725MK


Lennox & Iron Strike Montage Door Gasket Kit, Part# H7313 / 725MK

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Lennox/Iron Strike Montage 32 FS Aftermarket Door Gasket Kit. Guaranteed Best Price and Fastest Shipping.



Lennox/Iron Strike Montage Door Gasket Kit

Fits Models:

Lennox/Iron Strike:

~ Montage 32FS

Part Numbers:

~ H7313 / 725MK


~ Lennox/Iron Strike aftermarket replacement firebox door gasket for the Montage 32FS Model.

~ 3/4″ diameter x 4′ length fiberglass rope gasket; tight weave.

~ 2.8 oz tube of high temperature silicone sealant included. (Be sure to scrape away as much old silicone as possible before installing the new gasket. Do not bunch or stretch the new gasket when installing in the door groove. Let set-up for a minimum of 1 hour before closing the door.)

~ Guaranteed Highest Quality & Highest Fire Rating Gasket Material.

~ No manufacturer warranty on gaskets. We do guarantee product to arrive in brand new perfect condition.

~ Made in the USA

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Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 2 in


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