Liotherm Stove Gasket Material, Bulk, Part# 550J


Liotherm Stove Gasket Material, Bulk, Part# 550J

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Liotherm ‘Paper’ Style Gasket Material


~ Used on virtually every pellet, corn, coal, wood and gas stoves exhaust/combustion motor mounts as well as the convection/distribution fan mount on many models. Many gas, coal, pellet, corn and wood stoves will also use this gasket material in other various areas. Highest fire rating and quality guaranteed. Works great as an insulating and protection material as well.

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Part Numbers:

~ 550J


~ High Temperature Fire Rated Fiber Gasket Material – Liotherm Gasketing

~ Each section measures 12″ long x 24″ wide x 0.125″ thick.

~ Produced with the highest quality ceramic fibers

~ Works for virtually every pellet and corn stove in addition to other stove motor mounts and other high temperature applications.

~ Flexible, pliable and durable

~ No hassle quality guarantee

~ Made in the USA

*Bulk gasket listing here requires customer to trace and cut gasket to fit. There will be enough to create several  replacements from one sheet.

**NOTE: Stove manufacturers HIGHLY recommend gasket is replaced every time the motor and/or motor housing is removed from the stove. If you are keeping up with your annual maintenance this should be every season. We are happy to assist with cleaning questions and helpful suggestions.

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Additional Information

Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 3 x 1 in


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