Uncle Jed’s Premium Hickory BBQ Pellets


Uncle Jed’s Premium Hickory BBQ Pellets

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Uncle Jed’s Brand Hickory Hardwood bbq pellets. A customer favorite blend consisting of 2/3 oak, 1/3 hickory. Only the highest ‘Food Grade’ raw material is used in our cooking fuels.  Hickory produces a deep rich smoky flavor; great for all meats and extended smokes.



These premium quality cooking pellets are designed for use in all pellet grills and can also be used in gas and charcoal grills. Uncle Jed’s Hickory BBQ pellet fuel allows you to compliment your food with the flavor of real wood creating the ultimate cooking experience at your fingertips.

Healthy & Cost Effective- BBQ pellets are on average 1/3 of the cost of traditional LP and charcoal briquettes. Pellet grills and wood pellet fuel is also a much healthier way to cook. Our food grade wood pellets never use binders or additives, just 100% pure, natural sawdust.

Pellet Flavor Recommendations:

Hickory & Gold BlendBeef, pork, poultry. Mild, yet distinct smoky flavor. Great for jerky and roasts

Fruit-woodsFish, poultry, desserts, and veggies. Subtle and sweet smoky flavor

Mesquite & Texas Blend– Chicken, pork, and beef. Complex, bold, and balanced- a customer favorite

**Uncle Jed’s Pellets are available for local pick-up or can be shipped via UPS ground within the continental United States.

**Grill Customers of Earth Sense receive deeper discount pricing on pellet fuel

**Truckload pricing available. Dealer inquiries welcome. Contact us

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