Enviro Empress Circuit Board 50-1369

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Customer Inquiry 10/30/14

Q. I have an Enviro Empress with a new 50-1369 circuit board. Which is the correct jumper pin and where do I place it to go between different thermostat modes?

A. Empress board part number 50-1369 replaces the factory circuit board with double fuses. This new circuit board does not have J9 jumper like the earlier board. The 4 pin bank is a feed rate control; the jumper should remain in the middle with one pin exposed on either side. The 5 pin bank controls thermostat function. From factory it is toward the top with 3 pins showing; this is manual mode. Moving the Jumper to the next two pins puts it in hi/low thermostat mode. Covering the last two pins will put the stove into On/Off thermostat mode.

Once set, you will have to push the start button with the thermostat up calling for heat. Unlike the original 2 fuse board, this control board takes a full 30 minutes before it “locks-in” and will recognize the thermostat. When running in the on/off thermostat mode, the unit will still go to a low/pilot fire for 15 minutes when the thermostat is satisfied before shutting down- The original board would shut down the stove immediately.

To see the circuit board in larger detail please click here to view our listing.


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