Grilling in Winter

Posted on by Earth Sense Energy System

As the seasons change, you may find yourself needing to run your grill a bit hotter in the coldest months. In four season climate areas, if you normally run at 325 to barbeque in the summer, I would recommend setting it to 425 in the winter to achieve the same results. By simply opening up your grill lid for as little as 20-30 seconds, you can loose 100 degrees or more significantly slowing down your cooking time. Try to open the grill hood as few times as possible. Some customers find that by lowering the cap on the smoke stack down a few turns less heat escapes and can be preferred for cold weather cooking.  Additionally, check out the thermal blankets offered by GMG; they keep the heat in whether you’re grilling in summer or winter. They have shown to cut fuel costs by as much as 50% year round! 

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