Huge Sale On Englander Stove Parts!

Posted on by Earth Sense Energy System

Earth Sense offers select replacement parts for Englander stoves. The three most commonly replaced parts on England Stove Works models are the auger motor, igniter and combustion exhaust fan. Earth Sense orders these parts direct from top of line manufacturers located right here in America. Highest quality craftsmanship, 12 month warranty and superior durability at a fraction of the cost. Motors are needle point ball bearing operating at the quietest decibel levels in the industry. Encased in the highest grade, most heavy duty gearbox and motor housing you will find anywhere. Hot rod ignition elements are tested under the harshest conditions rising to the standards you should come to expect.

Quality. Longevity. Trusted Performance.


Huge Sale Going On Right Now Due To Inventory Overstock!

Englander Exhaust Fan Kit – Only $109.99!

Englander Auger Motor (1 RPM Counter Clockwise)- Only $68.99!

Englander Auger Motor (1 RPM Counter Clockwise) 2 PACK SPECIAL- Only $129.99

Englander Igniter Element – Only $63.94



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