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Earth Sense offers a wide assortment of quality replacement door options. Fiberglass, metal, wood and patio doors in a range of styles, quality and performance to fit your needs and expectations.



Our Vinyl Patio Door options extend your home’s ambience to the great outdoors, visually expanding and brightening any room. And the expanded glass area means added light – so every season is more enjoyable.

The precision-built slimline profile allows ample glass exposure for a generous viewing area, yet provides outstanding protection from inclement weather. Position a transom window above your patio door to create a dramatic effect with added height and visual appeal. A variety of door styles and options lets you further customize the door to suit your décor.

Earth Sense handles multiple styles and collections of the highest quality sliding, high-performance, impact and french patio doors available on the market. Contact one of our professional consultants.


Compozit™ Sliding Patio Doors are more than custom made to size, they’re custom-made to style as well. We provide a palette frame and glass options – you provide the inspiration. Mix and match frame colors to complement your interior and exterior décor, and select from a variety of decorative glass options ranging from distinctive to dramatic. After all, they’re your doors. How do you see them?

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– Single doors, Double doors, Transom and Sidelite units
– Timbergrain Fiberglass Doors
– Wood Exterior Doors
– Taylorwood Exterior Doors
– Smooth Steel Exterior Doors
– Stainable Steel Exterior Doors
– Smooth Fiberglass Exterior Doors
– Textured Fiberglass Exterior Doors


– Decorative glass – serves as a focal point for your home, a reflection of your style, and a bridge between you and the outside world
– Numerous decorative glass styles available to match many architectural styles including: Eclectic, Old World, Craftsman, Contemporary/Modern, Classic/Traditional
– Weatherstripping forms a tight weather-seal between the door, frame and threshold; preventing air infiltration
– Made in America products
– For new construction and renovation projects
– Available in factory finished stain and paint colors, or custom color, for maximum durability to match your decor
– Optional aluminum jamb cladding protects wood from rot, to keep your door looking new for years
– Ball-bearing hinges are standard on all doors, with eight hinge color options to choose from
– Multi-point locking system
– Optional Schlage and Fusion hardware

Swing & Hinge Doors

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