Quadra-Fire Technical, Auger Feed Issues, 4 Spd & 3 Spd Control Boards

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William Writes In-

Problem with the pellet feed on an Original Mt Vernon 4 speed, board Number 7000-126. Recently replaced the system control board. Getting blue flashing light at start and a green light. No red light in controller, red light on the back of stove. Black button on side of stove below speed control, to force feed more pellets sounds like it’s working. The Auger does not move or vibrate while clicking button. How would I know if it is the auger motor or the controller??

Mr. Pellethead Responds-

Happy to assist William. When power is applied to a cold stove you’ll see a momentary yellow light (thermocouple test), then for 60 seconds a blue flashing light (count equal to the board setting). If the stove is cold there should be no green or red light present. The green light only indicates an achieved thermocouple temperature reading of 200 degrees. The red light represents an achieved thermocouple temperature reading of 600 degrees. The green light indicates to the board proof of fire and signals the start of normal feed cycles.

Is the feed system totally not functioning?

The simplest issues would be a loose wire connection, feed system restriction, an auger jam, loose set screw on the auger motor shaft or vacuum line hose nipple blockage at the top of the auger tube.

The feed system circuit comprises of four components




4) #2 SNAP SWITCH (Being Added to our website, please call or email if you need to order.)

The use of certain diagnostic tools such as a volt meter, ohm meter, jumper wire and 120 volt power cord would be used to isolate which of these could be an issue.


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5 Responses to Quadra-Fire Technical, Auger Feed Issues, 4 Spd & 3 Spd Control Boards

Daniel Kaestner says: March 18, 2017 at 5:21 pm

i have a quadrafire castile pellet stove that seems to drop too many pellets on high, it has a three speed fan, and seems to work o.k. on low, but when i turn it up to med or high it seems to drop too many pellets, i have slid the auger door all the way down, but it still seems to release too many pellets! any suggestions.

Earth Sense Energy System says: March 20, 2017 at 1:10 pm


Thanks for contacting us, happy to assist. In most cases if your stove appears to be feeding to much fuel on higher settings it is a combustion air issue. The stove needs to have the correct fuel to air ratio to operate correctly. In 90% of these cases it is a cleaning issue – ash build-up in the stove, vent pipe and/or exhaust housing. Make sure you thoroughly follow your owners manual and clean all aspects of the stove and venting. From there you will want to inspect the door gasket and ash pan gasket seal. If it’s no longer making a tight seal in either of those places it will cause this problem. Lastly you will want to inspect the combustion/exhaust fan itself. This motor may have gotten weak and is no longer providing the velocity required when running on medium or high settings. Always check the easiest things first. Happy to help with assistance and replacement parts.


Tyler says: September 30, 2017 at 7:25 pm

Auger won’t quit feeding pellets

Earth Sense Energy System says: October 2, 2017 at 9:20 am


Thank you for the question. In most cases if your auger feed motor just will not stop feeding pellets, you may be looking at a defective control board. When auger motors fail they typically stop turning or slow down so much so, that they will not feed enough pellets. For the motor to keep running it would need to be supplied power which comes from the circuit board. Sometimes we hear scenarios such as, “my stove won’t stop feeding” or “my stove is overfeeding.” This can be the result of a stove that is dirty. If the firepot is plugged with ash or clinkers are blocking the air holes, this can cause the stove to appear it is feeding too many pellets because there is not enough air for complete combustion. Essentially is can not keep up to the rate of burn as normal. Other factors that could cause this are leaky seals (door, ash pan), dirty ash traps/ venting, even a failing combustion blower. Let us know if this was helpful or if we can assist you further.


Earth Sense Energy System says: December 20, 2017 at 8:55 am

Hi Sharon,

I would start with the hopper. Make sure there are not any foreign objects that maybe came out of the bag of pellets that are causing a jam. Excessive fines (sawdust) can be a problem too. If all is clear then I would start at the source and work my way backwards. Pull the auger motor and have bench tested. If it does not work, replace the auger motor. If it works away from the stove you now know the issue is likely a vacuum switch or even a power issue from the control board and will need further troubleshooting.


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