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Here at Earth Sense Energy Systems we have a combined 100+ years of pellet stove technical experience along with the largest team of NFI certified installers and technicians in the Country. Over the years we have carried dozens of stove manufactures exceeding 100 different models. We offer an extensive inventory of parts and accessories coupled with unmatched expertise and superior customer support. We are the pellet stove and pellet grill experts and we can’t wait to assist you!

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  • Dave Perry says:

    Hi I have a Whitman/Lennox profile 30. The ashes are building up in the basket and not sifting through the openings. I have tried different fan and feed settings with no luck. Any thoughts?

  • mike says:

    Issue resolved with the st croix Afton bay heat distribution fan.

  • Brian says:

    Any thoughts on the Harman Absolute 43? Im thinking of getting one.

  • Floyd Cochran says:

    Hi, I have a Warnock hershey pellet stove,msg 1997 model tri star 25-5670, I need a top Auger motor.

    The bottom one runs counter clock wise,what Auger motor should I buy for too Auger ? Thank you

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Hi, Thank you for the inquiry. The top and bottom motor for this stove are actually the same. So you would need a 1 RPM motor that runs counter clockwise. Here is the link for the correct motor replacement –

  • Dennis Hildebrand says:

    Have a 2002 Castile Stove. My combustion blower is making noise again. Blower motor has been replaced 3 times over the years – doesn’t die, just gets very noise (sleeve bearings with no lubrication point, gets play in the shaft. Also cheap blower wheel gets warped from the heat and then out of balance). Is there a better blower/motor I could use that would stay quieter longer (ball bearings, lower rpm with bigger fan maybe). Stove works good but I can’t even hear the t.v.

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Thanks for contacting us. Yes, we do offer an aftermarket motor kit for the Castile. It’s made by Gleason Avery here in the USA, Needle Point Ball Bearing Motor. It’s been very tried and true and proven to be a really nice upgrade from the OEM motor with a better warranty. Link is below. Currently this motor is Out of Stock, however our shipment should be arriving within the next two weeks.

      Any other questions please let us know.


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