Buyers Club, Delivery & Annual Maintenance Programs

Buyers Club-

The Buyers Club Program was born in 1996. Buyers Club was designed as an annual membership program that allows our stove customers further savings on pellet fuel. In addition, Buyers Club members save 30% off retail pricing on parts and accessories along with discounted rates on service labor, annual maintenance and pellet delivery programs.

For customers who have not purchased their stove through Earth Sense Energy Systems, there are 3 ways you can become a Preferred Customer and eligible to join the Buyers Club.

1. Refer a customer. If you refer a customer to purchase a stove from anyone of our company owned locations you automatically become a preferred customer and are eligible to join the Buyers Club. The new stove customer MUST mention your name at time of sale to qualify.

2. You can trade-in your existing pellet stove for a new or refurbished pellet stove from any one of the company owned Earth Sense locations.

3. You can buy into the program. There is a one time price of $249. You become preferred customer status for life which guarantees you the low price on pellet fuel and allows you to receive discounts on labor and services. This price includes the Buyers Club membership for the first season. To continue receiving Buyers Club program discounts you will be required to re-join the annual Buyers Club program each spring at the rate of $42 for the year.

Note: The Earth Sense Buyers Club program is valid at any of the company owned locations. Dale, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Oshkosh, Readfield and Junction City. Earth Sense Reseller locations will offer their own Buyers Club and Early Buy program specific to their location.


Pellet Fuel- Receive your pellet fuel as low as $15 over cost per ton in season and $7 over cost per ton in spring.

Parts- The average blower motor runs $250. Buyers Club discounts 30% from retail saving you $75

Accessories- The Cougar Ash Vac runs $388. Buyers Club discounts 30% from retail saving you $116.40

Service/Labor Rate- Retail $95, Preferred $80, Buyers Club $65Save Money

Pellet Delivery- Save $10 per ton

Annual Maintenance- Save $30 off retail


Performing annual maintenance on your pellet or multi-fuel stove will ensure reliability, peak performance and decreased strain on virtually every part. Depending on your stove model, burning habits, and fuel selection, annual maintenance is typically required and recommended to be performed after 2 to 3 tons of fuel has been burned. Over 40% of our customers have this service performed on their stove once a year during the off-season for peace of mind in every season.

If you are using a lower grade pellet and/or are burning more than 3 tons per season, this service may need to be completed more than once a year. We are happy to consult and provide our expertise based on your situation. Contact Us Today.

Our professional cleaning technicians inspect and clean your stoves: Vent cleaning and capping 002

– Firebox (Burnpot, Grates, Panels, Gasket Seals, Glass)

– Ash Traps (All combustion ash access points)

– Heat Exchange Tubes

– Exhaust Motor and Combustion HousingUsing Paintbrush to clean gasketing #2 RESIZED

– Exhaust Vent Piping (Brush & Suck)

– Distribution/Convection Room-Air Blower

– Auger Feed Motor

– Safety Switches and Discs including any additional components

Lubrication will be applied to applicable motors. During our maintenance routine we will also perform diagnostics testing on various elements of your pellet stove to make sure the components are operating as they should. Testing these components is a critical part of our Annual Maintenance Program and the Earth Sense difference. BE EMPOWERED! We encourage you to watch our technicians, take notes and ask questions.

New Customer Reminder: If you have purchased or received the Parts Replacement Program (PRP) in the past year, the First annual maintenance (only once as an instructional class) and usage of Earth Sense Pellets is required to keep your PRP in tact. ESES Early Buy is the ideal time to take advantage of the best pricing on your pellet fuel and our Annual Maintenance Program.


Enjoy the ease and convenience of having your pellets delivered right to your home and placed in your shed or garage!

– Save gas and vehicle wear and tear

– Save time

– Save your back

– Be ready and prepared for the upcoming season

* Delivery rates will be indicated on your order form or you can Contact Us.

New Delivery Truck Photos June 2011 006Pellet Delivery into garage

2016 Pellet Delivery Guidelines

You do not need to be home for delivery IF your account is PAID IN FULL before delivery. We will contact customers beginning in March to schedule the delivery of your SPRING EARLY BUY pellets.

PLEASE NOTE: Our ability to offer these low prices depends on our ability to DELIVER Spring Early Buy pellets in the SPRING and EARLY SUMMER months.

Our pellet delivery trucks have a portable forklift so we can place your pellets in or next to your garage. Our delivery forklift is not designed for travel on soft ground, loose gravel or steep inclines. If WE decide the ground cannot be traveled on safely, your pellets will be placed on your driveway. If you would like your SPRING EARLY BUY pellets delivered and placed in your garage or shed, we will need a minimum 7’ high opening and an approximate 8’ radius within the garage or shed for our portable forklift to maneuver. If your garage or shed does not meet these minimum requirements, we will place your pellets as close to your desired location as possible.

If paying with cash or check for your delivery and SPRING EARLY BUY pellets, the balance due must be paid in advance or at time of delivery. If paying with a credit card or with financing, the balance due must be approved and paid prior to delivery.

Remember: Pellets must be kept dry at all times. If you store your pellets outdoors in the elements, make sure you have them covered extremely well. ESES is not responsible for pellets damaged due to improper storage.

Pallets in good condition (4-way, 48” x 40” with no broken boards) may be returned for a $3.00 credit (or $1.00 if we pick them up at time of pellet delivery). For delivery rates on your EARLY BUY pellets, refer to your SPRING EARLY BUY ORDER FORM OR CONTACT US.

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