Harman Furnace & Boiler Start-up Adjustment

The new ‘Lifetime’ Fire pot is now available by Harman for the PF100, PF120 and PB105. Earth Sense offers the aftermarket ‘Lifetime’ fire pot at reduced cost; built locally to exact spec.

Some customers have found issues during start-up with overfeeding once this new fire pot is installed. Below are instructions for adjusting your circuit board dip switches if you experience overfeeding on start-up.

  • 1 off, 2 on, 3 on   -64 seconds start up feed
  • 1 off, 2 on, 3 off   -43 seconds start up feed
  • 1 off, 2 off, 3 on   -21 sec. start up feed

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  • Henry says:

    Still stuck! No matter what we do it will not get pellets to the burn pot. Found a repair man here at a stove place. Came out but could not get it started. Thinks it needs a new board or computer. Just will not work. He ordered one but shipment is delayed until March 12. Maybe we will get it going when warm weather hits. Something is not clicking.

    • pellethead_admin says:

      Good afternoon Henry, very sorry to hear of the continued frustrations with the unit. The control board works with the ESP Exhaust thermistor probe on start-up and through operation. The two devices work together on how the unit feeds and how combustion air is adjusted. If you haven’t cleaned your exhaust ESP in awhile let’s give that a good cleaning and see if anything changes. Here is a video on that. https://youtu.be/kt7nnGMYU-k

      Happy to help however we can.


  • Henry Dueck says:

    Happy to report that the new control board was the answer. It is now going for the first time in 2 i/2 months, thru the coldest winter months. Been very hard going. Replaced all parts but nothing worked until the control board was installed. Don’t know why but are so relieved to be warm again. We won’t be posting again beings the problem is solved.

    • pellethead_admin says:

      Wonderful to hear Henry. So glad your family is warm once again. Appreciate you sharing. Any future questions please let us know.

      Warm Regards,

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