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Spring Tips & Tricks

Operating- This time of year the days can be warm and sunny, yet the nights can be cool and chilly. Most pellet stoves have the option for a thermostat with off/on capability which is perfect for this time of season.

      For automatic HARMAN stoves, make sure your igniter toggle is set to "Auto". NOTE: During the primary heating season, it's recommended to position the toggle in "Manual" once the stove lights. This allows a small fire to remain burning when the temperature is satisfied, so that when the area calls for heat again it can quickly build a fire and keep you at a more accurate temperature. By doing this you will find increased longevity on the igniter and motors. In addition, there should be less pellet consumption as the unit doesn't have to completeley fire itself up when it calls for heat.

      For St. Croix pellet stoves with the touch face control board, simply slide your toggle switch to the "Smart-stat" mode when operating in spring and fall. For the same reasons as Harman, we encourage the use of "T-stat" operation during the primary heating season.

      For Quad and Heatilator simply set your thermostat to the desired temperature. Your stove is designed to shut down as soon as temperature has been met. During the primary heating season we recommend having your thermostat all the way up and regulating your heat output by the Low, Medium, and High settings. This will produce a constant, steady heat, and increase the longevity of your igniter and motors.

For questions or operating assistance on these or other makes and models, please contact us.

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Spring Shut Down & Maintenance- We're nearing the time where you will be shutting your stove down for the season. Just like a snowmobile or snow blower, proper "winterizing" will ensure a smooth and trouble free start-up come fall. Be sure to read the annual maintenance as covered in your owners manual and call an Earth Sense representative for any questions or concerns. Most importantly, cap off your exhaust pipe to prevent moisture, bugs, and/or rodents from entering in the off season. (Summer vent caps are available through Earth Sense). Vacuum and clean your stove's firebox, exhaust vent, and blowers; oil blowers only if indicated by the manufacturers owners manual. Remember, Earth Sense offers affordable and professional cleaning services for virtually every kind of pellet stove. Get your cleaning scheduled now at the best rate of the season! 

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Spring Grillin Recipe- Grillin' season is upon us! Check out this recipe for burgers that are out of this world!

T's Bangin' Boygas

-1 lb ground beef or ground turkey                                   

-2 cloves of garlic, minced

-2 T worcestershire sauce

-Juice from 1 squeezed lime

-GMG Beef rub

Mix the ground beef/turkey with all ingredients except the beef rub (use your hands in a large mixing bowl for best results). Form into patties approx 1/4" thick, and gently rub the GMG beef rub into both sides. Have grill pre-heated to 400 degrees, and grill approx 4 minutes per side for medium well. Place buns on the grill during the last minute, and compliment with your favorite condiments. Makes approx. 6 patties.  jim-bowie-cooking-compressed.jpg

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