Pellet Stove Igniter / Starter / Hot Rod Troubleshooting

Sally sent in the following message to us. This can relate to virtually every pellet and corn stove appliance that has automatic ignition/start.

SALLY: I recently purchased an igniter for my Lennox Winslow PS40 Stove because it wouldn’t start. The new igniter turns red and gets hot. The burn pot where the pellets are gets hot (red) but the pellets won’t ignite. The stove errors out with a steady red ‘Ready’ light and the ‘Igniting’ light flashes 2 short flashes. Is there something else that should be replaced? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


MR. PELLETHEAD: It’s the combustion air that comes up through the firepot/burnpot once it passes by the igniter that actually lights the pellets. This air is heated to extreme temps by the igniter element and the velocity of that air hitting the fuel causes combustion/ignition.

Check the following items.

  1. Inspect the combustion/exhaust fan – Is it moving? It should be spinning/turning at a very high speed during start up. (Can always check exacts with a voltage meter.) Combustion Fan Kit
  2. Is the door and ash pan gasket sealing tightly? If they are not closed tight or if the gasket is worn and not making a good seal air will leak and cause an issue with start up/ignition. Parts & Gaskets
  3. Check the air intake. Make sure nothing is blocking or obstructing the air intake. (Smaller tube which goes from the rear of the stove to the bottom of the burn pot.)
  4. Inspect the exhaust venting. Should be cleaned every 50 bags on average. Check for accumulation or blockage. Flue Vent Pipe Cleaning Products

These are starting points. For further troubleshooting assistance please email us [email protected]

  • Lisa Kelly says:

    HI, I have a Heatilator Eco Choices PS50 pellet stove that wont ignite. I can manually light the pellets and the stove runs fine. I tested the igniter and it’s reading 46 ohms. Any ideas on what to test next?

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:


      Thanks for contacting us. We need to check to see if you have a white wire or black wire igniter. Some of the PS50 stoves came with the 380 Watt Loop Igniter and some came with the 300 Watt Loop Igniter.

      Loop Igniter – Black Wire 47.0 – 49.0 Optimal OHM Draw – 43.5 – 53.5
      Loop Igniter – White Wire 37.0 – 39.5 Optimal OHM Draw – 35.5 – 43.5

      If you have a black wire igniter 46 ohms should be fine. If you have the white wire igniter then it would indicate a faulty element at 46 ohms.

      Let us know what you find. If the igniter is indeed good then most likely this would be an issue with the ignition circuit in the control box. We do offer a service where we can test your control box as well.

      Also, it’s important to note that it is the hot air rushing around the element that lights the fire. Make sure the igniter is secured correctly in place and that the air inlet appears to be open and free.

      Keep us posted, happy to help.


      • Lisa Kelly says:

        It’s a replacement black wire igniter. I double checked and it actually reads 47.4 ohms. The igniter does not get hot at all.

  • Lisa Kelly says:

    Hi, I have a Heatilator Eco Choice PS50 stove that will not light. The igniter does not get hot at all. I can manually light the pellets and the stove runs fine. I tested the igniter and it is reading 46 ohms. Any ideas on what to check next?

  • cfjackson2000 says:

    Looking for troubleshooting tips on a P68 igniter

    Replaced the igniter this evening but still not getting a flame, it’s not warm at all. The stove has been cleaned & I’ve checked the gaskets with the dollar bill test, they are good. At start up, the igniter indicator light is a very faint red—I’m assuming this glow is from the lights above it. The status light comes on then goes and stays out.

    The igniter I replaced was working off and on, it took about a week to finally quit. My thought now is I have an issue with my circuit board, does this seem right? What else can I check before buying a board?

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Hey John,

      Thanks for contacting us, happy to assist.

      It would be good to verify whether the igniter light is actually on or off. Maybe use a small piece of cardboard or something similar to single out that light to see if it is actually on. Let’s start with simple things first:

      1. Unplug the stove and flip your igniter toggle switch from auto to manual a few times
      2. Check the ohms on your new igniter to ensure it’s not a dud – A basic multi-meter works just fine. Ohms should read between 45-53

      The status light should also be a solid steady red in normal operation. If the igniter light is out on the board and your status light is out on the board most likely we do have an issue with the board itself – probably something within the igniter timing circuitry. If you do need a new board, link is below. Also video link to install below.

      Platinum Control Board for the P68 –
      How to Install Video –
      Overview on Harman Controls Video –

      Any other questions please let us know.


  • Jon says:

    Hi, i have a Pelpro PP130 and it will not ignite. The stove was not feeding pellets and i replaced the auger motor, it still did not feed so i tested the vacuum switch by jumping it and it feeds now! So i replaced the vacuum switch and its back to not feeding unless the switch is bypassed. With the switch bypassed the auger runs and drops pellets, the igniter is glowing red, but stove will not light still.

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:


      Thanks for contacting us, happy to help. Couple things here. It is the super heated air rushing past your igniter that is actually lighting the fire, not the igniter yourself. The vacuum switch will trip if there are:

      1. Leaks in the door or ash pan gasket seals
      2. Restriction from ash build-up in your stove or exhaust
      3. Weak or non-functioning Combustion Blower/Exhaust Fan

      Check the simple things first. Inspect all your gasket seals – make sure they are tight. Check your Combustion/Exhaust motor – make sure it’s running at proper voltage. Make sure you have done a thorough cleaning of the stove and exhaust vent pipe.

      Let’s MAKE SURE the vacuum switch is no longer bypassed no that you have a new one and you know that it’s good. Has to be an issue in one of these sectors or a combination of them.

      We do offer most parts for the PP130, if you need anything just let us know. Any other questions let us know, we are happy to assist.


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