Pit Boss Grill Accessories

Are you the proud owner of a Pit Boss grill? Here at Earth Sense Energy Systems, we provide quality Pit Boss grill accessories to go along with the purchase of your smoker. We also have replacement Pit Boss grill accessories for if one of your parts stops working properly. From grill covers to racks and shelves, we’ve got you covered! Read our pellet grill accessories guide here for more info if you need help choosing accessories.

Questions about your Pit Boss accessory kits? Contact the team at 1 (800) 236-6647 for assistance, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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  • Pellethead Black Coal Bucket

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  • Pellethead Distressed Copper Coal Hod

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  • Pellethead Galvanized Coal Bucket

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  • Pellethead Antique Bronze Coal Hod

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  • Green Mountain Grill, GMG Gold Blend BBQ Cooking Wood Pellets with Magnetic Light

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  • Green Mountain Grill, GMG Gold Blend BBQ Cooking Wood Pellets with Meat Injector

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  • Pellethead PoBoy & Drifters Camp Stove Hot Mitts, Heat Resistant Gloves

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    Pellethead Ash Vault Pro Mini

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  • High Temp BBQ Smoker Grill Self-Stick Lid and Door Gasket, 1/8″ x 1/2″ x 15′

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  • Pellethead Pizza Oven, Wood Fired Pizza Oven Attachment for Full Size Pellet Grills

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  • Pellethead Small BBQ Grill Cover

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  • Pellethead Food Marinade Injector Syringe

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  • GMG Pellethead Magnetic BBQ Grill Light Set

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  • Magnetic LED Barbecue Grill Smoker Flexible Head Light Set

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  • Pellethead BBQ Grill Smoker Collapsible Upper Rack Smoke Shelf

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  • Green Mountain Grills High Temperature Squeezable Silicone

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Pit Boss Grill Accessories Overview

Self-Stick Lid and Door Gaskets

If air leakage or grease spills are a concern, we have high temperature grill tape gaskets in stock. These self-stick lid and door gaskets are the perfect solution for charcoal grills, gas grills, pellet bbq smokers, and off-set wood smokers alike. This product is self-adhesive, measuring 1/8″ height x 1/2″ width x 15′ length.

Our self-stick lid and door gaskets provide grilling enthusiasts with improved temperature control, better efficiency, and excellent cooking results! Besides Pit Boss, our grill lid/door gaskets also work for other brands of pellet smokers such as Green Mountain Grills, Big Green Egg, Kamado, Offset Smokers, Weber, Smokey Mountain, WSM, Kettle, UDS, Camp Chef, Smoke Hollow, Traeger, Reliant, and Danson’s Louisiana, just to name a few.

Grill Covers

Our grill covers are top quality – perfect for any Pit Boss or Green Mountain Grills smoker! Each of our grill covers are made of ultra-premium canvas so that you can benefit from only the highest durability and longevity. Additionally, our micro-fiber interior won't scratch or blemish your grill's exterior finish.

Each of our grill covers are built and tested to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Take a look at our small BBQ grill cover and universal BBQ grill cover here.

Food Marinade Injector Syringes

Our Pit Boss food marinade injector syringes are high quality. Use these to easily add your favorite flavors and marinades into your favorite dishes! We guarantee only the best price and the fastest shipping with our food marinade injector syringes and other Pit Boss grill accessories.

Take a look at our food marinade injector syringe here.

Grill Light Sets

If you are grilling in the evening hours, you will need high quality grill light sets to shed light on your cooking. Our magnetic BBQ grill light set and the similar magnetic LED barbecue grill smoker flexible head light set will equip you with the proper lighting you need to make cooking in the darker hours an efficient experience!

Our grill light sets feature a flexible gooseneck style head, permitting you to direct the light wherever you need it – using an ultra-bright 9 LED combo output. This Pit Boss grill light set comes with two lights and a protective on-the-go case. Great for multiple applications inside and out!

Smoke Shelves, Racks, & Rib Racks

Need replacement/additional shelves, racks, or rib racks for your Pit Boss smoker? Each of our smoke shelves, racks, and rib racks come with a guaranteed best price, fast shipping, and more!

Need a rib rack? Increase your grill's cooking surface area with our rib rack or full rib rack product. Our smoke racks include the upper smoke rack for a small, medium, or large BBQ grill. Lastly, we have our collapsible upper rack smoke shelf to make cooking on your Pit Boss a more efficient experience. Each is made from the highest quality stainless steel.

High Temperature Squeezable Silicone

Need a high quality silicone for your Pit Boss? At Earth Sense, we are currently offering a high temperature silicone sealant. Available in a 2.8oz squeezable tube.

Our high temperature silicone sealant is available at a guaranteed best price with the fastest shipping! Can be used for just about any grill or high temperature application.

Mesh Frogmat BBQ Grill Bag

Need to store seeds, nuts, veggies, or small pieces of meat while grilling? Our reusable mesh BBQ grill bag is non-stick and high heat – a great companion for while using your Pit Boss grill – or virtually any other type of grill! Guaranteed newest stock inventory.

Stove Bright BBQ Flat Black, High Temperature Spray Paint

Our black high temperature spray paint has been rated and tested for up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit – and also guarantees excellent scratching, marring, and rust resistance.

For application, be sure to spray the paint while it's warm. Shake vigorously for 1-2 minutes. Spray first on a piece of scrap wood or cardboard so any initial gunk can release before you start spraying. Be sure to wear proper face protection and have proper ventilation in the area you are spraying the paint.

PelletHead Blue Fire Starter Gel Case Set

Our Pellethead Blue Fire Starter Gel case set is an eco-friendly, and non-harmful alcohol based fire starter. It is colored blue so that applying is much easier for visibility. Once lit, the flame may be clear and/or invisible. PLEASE HANDLE WITH CAUTION!

Our fire starter gel case set is the perfect solution for any Pit Boss grill, or even in-home stoves, or pizza ovens!

Why Earth Sense for Pit Boss Grill Accessories?

With 30+ years in the pellet heating and grilling industry, we are the experts when it comes to Pit Boss grill accessories. We got our start in 1991, and opened our first location in Dale, WI in 1996. To this day, we have been a trusted source of pellets, pellet grills, and pellet stoves. Contact our team today for assistance!

Questions about your Pit Boss grill accessories? Contact the Earth Sense team at 1 (800) 236-6647 for assistance, and we’ll be happy to help you.