Traeger Grill Accessories

One of the most respected brands in the grilling industry is Traeger. With years of serving clients’ grilling needs, Traeger provides some of the best grills on the market. If you are the proud owner of a Traeger, you may from time to time need grill accessories to complement your grilling experience, or a replacement part altogether. If so, browse our online selection of Traeger grill accessories for the part(s) you need!

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Quality Traeger Grill Accessories

At Earth Sense Energy Systems, we provide everything from BBQ grill covers, to light sets, to smoke racks. Our complete list of items includes: smoke shelfs, injector syringes, shredder claws, half and full rib racks, upper smoke racks, high temperature squeezable silicone, grill covers, light sets, basting bottle with brush tops, mesh frogmats/grill bags spray paint, and fire starter gel sets.

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About the Traeger Brand

Traeger grills were first designed by Joe Traeger in the mid-1980s. While the outside looked comparable to other charcoal and wood smokers in the industry, Traeger's grills were specially designed to be fueled by pellets. Today, Traeger grills are available in the Timberline, Ironwood, Pro, and Portable grill series, and can be powered by apple, oak, cherry, hickory, pecan, and mesquite pellets, among others, for a robust wood flavor.

Traeger grills can be monitored while on-the-go from your smartphone, thanks to WiFire® technology. You can benefit from precision temperature control to get the exact temperature you need in order to keep your meats, vegetables, and even desserts like pies at the right level of heat.

About Earth Sense Energy Systems

Looking for professional pellet grill services and high quality Traeger grill parts? Look no further than Traeger grill accessories from PelletHead. Our company got its start in 1991 when Uncle Jed pioneered the alternative heating industry with a show trailer and two stoves – traveling around multiple local events and fairs. The first retail store opened in 1996 in Dale, WI, and ever since then, we have proudly served customers all over Wisconsin, Michigan, and beyond with pellet grills, stoves, pellets, and accessories for more than 30 years.

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Need Traeger grill accessories for a better cooking experience? Let Earth Sense Energy Systems be your online resource for all things pellet grills! We are pellet grill enthusiasts ourselves, so we are happy to help you find the products you need. To get started, please give our team a call at (800) 236-6647.