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History- Since the introduction of the first pellet appliance in 1984, wood pellet stoves and wood pellet fuel have become the premier heating alternative for commercial and residential applications. There are over 200 pellet mills nationwide with increases every year. Wood pellets consist of sawdust remains and wood scraps from the lumber, forestry, and flooring industries around the world. This sawdust is pulverized, screened, dried, and compressed. The natural lignin (wood resin) bonds the sawdust together under high heat and pressure to form a wood pellet.

Safety- Wood pellets used in approved heating appliances are under a continuous and controlled burn, resulting in virtually no creosote buildup under proper operation. The proper balance of air to fuel in pellet stoves results in an extremely efficient burn with very minimal waste and maintenance required. Pellet stoves have built in safety features allowing you to operate unattended for extended durations of time without concern.

Environment- Wood pellets are a renewable, biomass, alternative fuel source. Wood pellets and wood pellet appliances reduce our carbon footprint burning CO2 neutral. What that means is operating a pellet stove produces CO2 emission levels lower than what the tree will absorb during its growth. Heating your home or business with a pellet stove is the right choice for our environment. Wood pellets are manufactured locally throughout North America and Canada reducing our dependency on foreign oil and fuels. With our 23,000 and growing pellet stove customer base, demand has generated increased pellet production. With close to a dozen mills now in Wisconsin alone, thousands of new jobs have been generated strengthening our economy and workforce.

Savings- Earth Sense typically offers four to six different varieties of bagged wood pellets, and two varieties of bulk pellets. Our average customer saves 25-70% on their heating cost supplementing their oil, gas, LP or electric heat with wood pellet fuel. The cost per million BTU to run wood pellets over other fuel choices is typically the lowest in the marketplace. Wood Pellets combine the penetrating warmth and savings that wood heat offers, without the chopping, hauling, dirt, or bugs associated with traditional wood heating.

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