St. Croix

St. Croix is a company based out of Iowa that produces a variety of not only pellet stoves but also multi-fuel heaters. The St. Croix Stoves offer a unique VersaGrate system that shakes the ash down from the burn area automatically. They also have a Smart stat feature which allows automatic ignition and shut down.

The heat exchangers on the St.Croix stoves are made of stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant to allow for easy cleaning with their scraper system. They come standard with digital control boards and fake brick backings. The St. Croix stoves offer gold and nickel door and filigree upgrades. These stoves are designed to look like your standard wood stove.

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Prescott EXL

A pellet stove that’s as sturdy as it is sleek. A large 75-pound hopper means you won’t always be worried about refueling. Designed with a pedestal base, this pellet stove can be customized to perfectly fit your space and style. Convenience paired with solid construction—that’s the Prescott pellet stove advantage. The Prescott EXL also features a classic wood stove design with artfully sculpted legs, a traditional wood stove door, and a belly pan ash drawer. Door and filigree reveal can optionally be purchased in gold or nickel.

Prescott EXP

A pedestal pellet stove built for heat that lasts. There’s something appealing about a pellet stove that blends a simple design with intricate details. The Prescott pellet stove has a large 75-pound hopper, which means you'll spend less time refueling. The traditional design of a pedestal base offers a sturdy foundation for the pellet stove. And it’s also available with decorative accent legs, so you can customize it to perfectly fit your space and style—without sacrificing the efficiency you expect and the quality you deserve.


With the exact look and feel of a traditional wood-burning stove, you might not even notice the unique advantage of the Hastings at first glance. However, its thoughtful design, delicate details, and sturdy construction make for an unmatched heating alternative. The Hastings brings to life rich traditions of cast iron wood stoves, but it's uniquely designed to burn economical wood pellet fuel. Its classic federal style with its radiant door detail makes the Hastings a warm and beautiful addition to any room in your house. The functional doors give you a large fire view when open. The Hastings is available in painted matte black as well as red, black, brown, and ivory porcelain enamel.