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United States Stove Company (USSC/US Stove) Ashley and King pellet stove replacement control/circuit boards, switches, and safety sensors. We offer control board and control board display replacements, high limit safety switches, ceramic low limit safety sensors, vacuum switch, vacuum switch hose tubing, and exhaust thermistor for Ashley and King pellet stove models.

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We carry two different control boards and one control board display panel for Ashley and King pellet stove models. Often referred to as the circuit board, the control board operates all components and functions of the stove. We recommend routinely cleaning accumulated dust and debris from the control board circuitry; compressed air works well. We recommend the use of a surge protector of at least 1000 joules to prevent voltage spikes from harming the control board. Whenever you are working with the control board or any of the electrical components, make sure the stove is unplugged from wall power.

The Ashley and King 80631 PCBA pellet stove control/circuit board will be the correct replacement for 5501S, AP5660L, AP5710, AP5780B, AP5780PS, AP5780SS, and AP5790 models. We also offer the PCBA control board LED touch button display panel, part number 80630. We offer USSC Ashley and King control board assembly 80487, 80778, 80558. This will be the correct replacement for 5500, 5500M, 5500XL, and 5510 pellet stove models.

Ashley and King 5501S, AP5660L, AP5710, AP5780B, AP5780PS, AP5780SS, and AP5790 models will use a ceramic 140 degree low limit switch, part 80599. This snap switch thermodisc mounts in the exhaust fan housing. This switch is normally open and will close when temperatures reach 140 degrees completing the electrical circuit. As the stove cools down this switch will re-open at the determined temperature allowing the exhaust motor to shut off.

Ashley AP5660L, AP5710, and AP5790 will use a 200 degree high limit switch with manual reset, part 80601. The high limit switch is normally closed and will open if temperatures exceed 200 degrees Fahrenheit. When this style limit switch trips, you will push the manual button in the center to reset the switch. If your high limit switch is tripping, be sure to inspect your convection fan for proper operation, and make sure your fire is clean, crisp and torchy by performing a thorough cleaning of your stove and exhaust vent pipe.

Learn more about limit switches in our video below.

Our USSC Ashley and King vacuum switch replacement for 80549 will be correct for the 5500M, 5500XL, 5501S, 5510, AP130, AP5660L, AP5710, AP5780B, AP5780PS, AP5780SS, AP5790, AP60, KP130, and KP60 models. This safety sensor is also referred to as an air switch, pressure switch, or low draft sensor. The vacuum switch is sensing air pressure in the firebox and exhaust flue vent pipe. Any air losses or air blockages will trip the vacuum switch and shut down power to the auger feed motor. Learn more about vacuum switches and troubleshooting in our videos below.

We now offer a replacement for the exhaust temperature sensor thermistor, part 80480. This will be correct for the Ashley and King 5500, 5500M, 5500XL, 5510, and AP5770 models. Looking for an Ashley or King stove control board, switch, or sensor you can't find? Please contact us for order inquiries and requests.