Bosca Pellet

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  • Stove Bright Metallic Black, High Temperature Brush On Paint, 16oz

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  • Stove Bright Metallic Brown, High Temperature Brush On Paint, 16oz

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  • Pellethead Ash Vault Pro Cordless, 20V DC Fireplace & Stove Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Universal Stove & Fireplace Burnpot Cleanout Tool, Firepot Scraper, Aftermarket

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  • Pellethead Wood, Coal, Pellet & Corn Stove Fireplace Burnpot, Firepot Cleaning Scraper Tool

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  • Liotherm High Temperature Fire Rated Stove & Fireplace Fiber Gasket Seal, 24″ x 12″ Sheet

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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone 1/4″ Tubing Hose, 3′

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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone 1/8″ Tubing Hose, 5′

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  • Pellethead Replacement Combustion Blower Exhaust Fan Motor Kit *REFURBISHED*

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  • Pellethead Replacement Convection Blower, Distribution Room Air Fan *REFURBISHED*

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  • Pellethead Ash Vault Pro *Demo*

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  • Pellethead Ash Vault Pro *Scratch N’ Dent*

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We offer a 4″, 250 watt igniter element replacement for the Bosca Classic-500, Soul-700, and Spirit-500 pellet stove models. Our igniter replaces Bosca igniter part number 12720044, and is backed with a full 1 year warranty. The igniter element is located in the base of the burnpot. During the start-up cycle, the igniter element will get cherry hot. The combustion air passing by the igniter will become 'super-heated' creating ignition to the pellets in the burnpot. Any air blockages or air losses can create ignition issues in your Bosca pellet stove.

If you are experiencing ignition troubles with your Bosca stove, check the simple things first

  • Burnpot is clean and seated properly
  • Front door and ash door are closed and the gasket seal is tight all the way around
  • Ash accumulation in the stove and exhaust venting has removed/cleaned out
  • Air intake passageway is free and clear
  • Combustion blower is running at proper voltage

You can also use a basic multi-meter to test the ohms on your igniter element to determine if it's in proper range. Watch our helpful guide videos below on igniter testing and common igniter replacement and installation.

Bosca Classic-500, Soul-700, and Spirit-500 pellet stove models will use a 1 RPM counter clockwise auger feed motor, part 12720001. Motor direction is determined when facing the motor shaft. Our auger motor works in tandem with the control board intermittently turning to churn pellet fuel up the auger shaft and down into the burnpot. As our auger motor wears we will often notice abnormal noises during operation, frequent auger jams, inconsistent fuel delivery, or failure of the motor. Keep in mind that there are safety switches in your Bosca that if tripped or faulty will not allow power to go to the auger motor. Learn how to create a test cord to bench-test your auger motor along with our general auger motor replacement video below.

We offer an aftermarket combustion blower, exhaust fan motor kit for Bosca Classic-500, Soul-700, and Spirit-500 pellet stove models, part 12720003. The combustion blower pulls air through the burnpot, up past the heat exchange tubes, down the rear firewall, expelling the exhaust out of the flue vent pipe. It's important to be regularly cleaning your combustion motor and motor housing of dust, debris, and accumulated ash build-up. As our combustion blower wears we will generally notice noise from the motor bearings, decreased combustion air creating a lazy/sooty flame, and our vacuum air switch tripping if proper air pressure is not sensed. If you are purchasing one of our motor kits, see our video below for installation guidance.

Bosca Classic-500, Soul-700, and Spirit-500 pellet stove models will use a 'snail-style' convection fan, part 12720004. Also referred to as the distribution blower or room-air fan, the convection fan circulates air through the heat exchange tubes, dispersing the heated air into the room. Inspect and clean your convection fan during your routine maintenance. For proper CFM and air-flow, it's vital to keep the impeller wheel free from dust and debris. When it comes time to replace your convection fan, our video below will provide general installation tips.

We are expanding our part offerings for Bosca pellet stoves. Please contact us with order inquiries and requests.