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Breckwell pellet stove replacement interior parts. Interior part for Breckwell will include burnpot/firepot options, auger feed shaft replacements, agitator stir bar options, and agitator drive shaft replacement.

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We carry a replacement for the Breckwell pellet stove two-piece burnpot, part numbers A-S-070-I and A-S-Burnpot. This burnpot is a replacement for Breckwell P2000 Tahoe, P2000I Tahoe Insert, P22 Maverick, P23 Sonora, P24 Blazer, P2700 Mojave, P4000 Classic Cast, and SP1000 Big E models. Please see our model notes tab for manufacturer start dates where this burnpot was used. We offer the Breckwell stainless steel burnpot insert, part numbers A-S-INSERTC, A-S-070-I, and A-S-INSERT. This is the correct burnpot insert for A-S-BURNPOT & A-S-BURNPOTNI. This burnpot insert will NOT replace the cast iron burn pot; If you have a cast iron burn pot, you have to replace the whole burn pot assembly with A-S-Burnpot. Please see our model notes for the stainless steel burnpot insert to verify your model and manufacturer date.

Depending on the grade of fuel and frequency of use will determine the frequency in which your burnpot/firepot requires cleaning. We always want to make sure the burnpot is seated properly and that all combustion air holes are free and clear of ash build-up and blockages. Periodically inspect your burnpot and replace when there are notable signs of wear, cracks, burn-throughs, or warpage.

We carry the OEM and aftermarket Breckwell auger shaft, part 891141. This auger shaft will be the replacement for Breckwell SP1002 Big E ll, SP6000 Heartland Multi-Fuel*, and SP8500 models. (*Models manufactured in 2012 to current.) We offer an aftermarket replacement auger shaft for Breckwell part numbers 892231 and A-AUG-22. This will be the correct auger replacement for P2000 Tahoe, P2000I Tahoe Insert, P22 Maverick, P22I Maverick Insert, P23 Sonora, P23I Sonora Insert, P24 Blazer, P24I Blazer Insert, P2700 Mojave, P4000 Classic Cast, and SP1000 Big E models.

We recommend vacuuming out the fuel hopper after each ton of pellets is burned so that fines do not accumulate. Annually we recommend removing the auger shaft for inspection and cleaning. As the auger shaft wears, it is common to notice frequent auger jams and binding sounds during operation.

The 891059 agitator stirrer bar is the correct replacement for the Breckwell SP6000 Heartland Multi-Fuel stove model manufactured 2012 to current. We offer the OEM as well as an aftermarket replacement option. The agitator stir bar is inside of the burnpot and rotates intermittently based on the control board settings. It's designed to keep heavy ash and clinker formations from accumulating inside the burnpot for better combustion air flow. When you clean your burnpot inspect your agitator stir bar. Replace when there are heavy signs of wear, cracks, breaks, or when the stirrer 'fingers' are burned down. The agitator drive shaft replacement for the SP6000 Heartland and SP8500 models will be part numbers A-S-300-2 and 86620.

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