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Country Winslow PS40 and Winslow PI40 pellet stove interior and exterior replacement parts. We carry the Winslow burnpot/firepot assembly, Winslow door assembly, and fuel hopper lid stop cable.

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  • Pellethead Replacement Winslow PS40, PI40 & Bella Cast Iron Burnpot, Firepot

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  • Winslow PS40, PI40 & Bella Cast Iron Burnpot, Firepot, OEM

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  • Winslow PS40 & PI40 Complete Door Assembly w/Glass and Gasket

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  • Country, Iron Strike, Lennox Winslow PS40 & PI40 Fuel Hopper Lid Cable Wire, OEM

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Country Winslow PS40 and Winslow PI40 pellet stove models will use a cast iron burnpot/firepot, part number H5856. Routinely inspect and clean your burnpot during your scheduled maintenance. There will be a drastic difference in how often you need to clean your burnpot depending on the type of pellet fuel used and frequency of use. We always want to make sure the burnpot is seated properly and all holes are free and clear of ash build-up and blockage. Check out our point scraper and super scraper; both have proved to be great tools for cleaning the burnpot. If you see breaks, cracks, or warpage, we highly recommend replacement of the burnpot.

We offer the full door assembly with glass and gasket for the Winslow PS40 and PI40 models. If your door is not longer closing properly, appears warped, or you have issues with the glass, considering replacement with the Winslow full door assembly, part 79040.

The Winslow PS40 and Winslow PI40 will use a specialty cable on the fuel hopper door. This cable, part H5911, acts as a stop when you open the hopper door for filling. If your hopper cable is getting worn or is no longer attached we recommend replacement.

If you can't find the Winslow exterior or interior part you are looking for, please contact us for order inquiries and requests.