Exterior Parts

Harman coal and woodstove replacement exterior parts. Exterior parts will include door glass, burnpot scraper tools, door handles, hopper swell latches, hopper knobs, hopper hardware, flue tailpipe exhaust hub, outside air kit, decorative tiles, air intake weldment, and boiler model temperature and pressure gauges.

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We offer several door glass replacements for Harman coal and woodstove models. The Harman 44 Magnum will use glass 3-40-950133125, the 300i, TL2.0, TL2.6, and TL300 will use glass 1-00-06932, and the Mark I will use glass 1-00-08728. If you have a Mark I model that has a glass fuel hopper lid, the correct replacement will be 3-40-06693. When replacing your glass, be sure to inspect and replace the glass gasket for proper seal.

Harman has several handles for the fuel hopper door and front door depending on your model. We carry swell latches, wooden door handles, door handle kits, and the hardware for the door handles and fuel hopper lids. Several Harman models will have the option for decorative ash pan door tiles which we offer slate, stainless, and ceramic options for.

If you have a Harman VF-3000, SF160, SF260, or SF360 boiler model we carry the temperature and pressure gauges should yours require replacement. Looking for a Harman coal or wood stove exterior part you can't find? Please contact us for inquires and requests!