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Harman coal and woodstove igniters and specialty electrical replacement parts. We offer igniter elements, igniter cradle bracket, thermostat extension, wiring harness, and power cord.

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The Harman Mark I coal stove will use the finned style igniter element cartridge, part 3-20-677200. This igniter seats inside of a cradle cage bracket and can be accessed from the front of the burnpot. It's important to regularly clean the igniter area in the burnpot, clear any fly ash off the element, and to make sure the burnpot holes are free and clear. During the start-up cycle the igniter will get an electrical charge and become cherry hot. The combustion air rushing past the igniter becomes 'super-heated' creating ignition to the fuel in the burnpot. Any air blockages or air losses in the stove can affect the ignition cycle. If you are experiencing igniter issues, check the basics first and get an ohm reading on your igniter to determine if it's in proper range. When it comes time to replace the igniter element, please see our helpful guide video below.

We offer the thermostat extension, part 3-20-00607 for the Harman Mark I and Super Mag Stoker. The thermostat extension is the port in which the room temp probe will plug into. We offer the replacement electrical wire harness assembly for the Harman Mark I coal stove, part 3-20-08727, and the replacement 120V power cord for the Super Mag Stoker, part 3-20-39685.

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