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Interior Harman replacement parts will include burnpots, firepots, grate weldments, firewall baffles, auger shafts, feed system components, fire bricks, flame guides, fan paddles, and hardware. Almost every Harman burnpot will have a flame guide seated on top to direct the fire for maximum efficiency. Flame guides should be replaced when there are notable signs of wear or warpage, same with fire bricks and fire baffles in applicable Harman models. Frequently inspecting and cleaning your burnpot grate weldment to ensure all holes are open and everything is in tact is important for proper operation. Harman stoves have many components to the fuel feed system based on the model and year of manufacturer. From slide plates to auger shafts and sprockets, we have the parts you need to get your Harman back up and running again.

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Harman has several different burnpot grate weldments, also referred to as the firepot assembly depending on your Harman model. Most grate weldments are of a similar style to accommodate the bottom feed system and will have flame guides placed on top to direct the flame. If you need to replace your Harman burnpot please see our helpful instructional video below.

Harman has two different style auger shafts depending on the model and manufacturer date. The auger shafts have a built in bearing for optimal pellet delivery to the burnpot. Oftentimes if there is a squeal or grinding sound when the stove is feeding, it can be contributed to the bearing on the auger shaft when it's under load. If you need visual reference to replace your auger feed shaft, please see our video below.

The Harman Accentra Cast Freestanding has always been one of Harman's most popular models. In the guide video below we walk you through removal of the rear heat exchange panels and combustion blower baffle plate. Keeping the accordion style heat exchange tubes clean and free of ash will maximize your Harman's efficiency output resulting in less fuel burned. The Harman combustion blower fan paddle impeller should be inspected regularly and replaced if there are signs of it being bent, warped, or if there is heavy build-up.