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Heatilator Eco-Choice combustion blower exhaust fans will vary depending on the model you have. The 812-4400 is the correct combustion blower for the PS35, and the 812-3381 and SRV7000-602 will be the correct combustion blower for the PS50 and CAB50 models. The Heatilator Eco-Choice BA100, BIO-120, BH105, and BH60 models will use combustion blower 3-21-08415, 3-21-08639. We offer OEM and aftermarket options for all Heatilator combustion blowers. The combustion blower is the motor pulling air through the burnpot, up past the heat exchange tubes, forcing out the exhaust flue gases. As our combustion motor starts to weaken or fail you will start to notice a lazy fire, pellet fuel build-up, and possibly vacuum switch errors not allowing fuel to feed after start-up. You can use a standard voltage meter to check the combustion fan voltage during start-up and operation. Please note that ash build-up in the stove and venting is the #1 cause for service calls. If your fire is starting to look lazy/sooty, always start with performing a thorough cleaning of the stove and exhaust venting.

The Heatilator Eco-Choice PS35 will use convection fan 812-4540, 812-4900, whereas the PS50 and CAB50 models will use the higher CFM convection fan SRV7000-108. The Heatilator BA100 furnace will use blower motor 3-20-36648 as the 1000 CFM blower motor, and 3-21-19599 as the 1632 CFM blower assembly. Convection fans are often referred to as the distribution blower or room-air fan motor. This blower motor is designed to circulate the warm air from the stove into your room and home. As this blower gets weak you will notice less velocity with the warm air coming out from the front of your stove or through the plenum in furnace models. Convection fans will have fins/paddles/wheels that accumulate dust and debris overtime. With all convection fans it is important to clean out the motor fins on a regular basis to ensure you are keeping the motor in balance while maximizing the CFM (output) of the fan. If you have pets or if the stove is located in an area with high levels of dust or debris, we recommend inspecting and cleaning the blower fan more frequently.

Heatilator Eco-Choice will have a few different auger feed motors based on the model you have. PS35, PS50, and CAB50 freestanding pellet stove models will use the 2.4 RPM auger feed motor 812-4421. Heatilator Eco-Choice BA100, BH105, and BH60 models with the finned cartridge igniter will use a 6 RPM auger feed gear motor 3-20-09302. The BA100, BIO-120, and BH105 models with pressure ignition will use a 10 RPM auger feed gear motor 3-20-02524. As auger motors weaken over time you may notice noises such as squeaks, squeals, or grinding while in operation. You may also notice inconsistency with fuel delivery or frequent auger jams as the motor weakens. When in question on your auger motor, you can always pull it out and run to direct power to assess the performance and torque. Check out our videos below on how to create a test cord for troubleshooting and general installation for the auger motor used in the Heatilator furnace and boiler models.

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