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Heatilator pellet stove control boards, switches, and sensors. We carry replacement parts for the Heatilator Eco-Choice line of boilers, furnaces, and freestanding stove models. This category will include thermocouples, ESP thermistor probes, control boards, vacuum switches, limit switches, hopper switches, gauges, and thermostats.

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Heatilator Eco-Choice pellet furnace models will include the BA100 and BIO-120. Heatilator Eco-Choice pellet boiler models will include the BH105 and BH60 models. These models are near identical in look as well as replacement parts to the Harman PF100, PF120, PB105, and HF60 pellet furnace and boiler models. The Heatilator Eco-Choice line of freestanding pellet stoves will include the PS35, PS50, and CAB50 models. These models have similar parts in common with Quadra-Fire and Pleasant Hearth pellet stove models.

control box/circuit boards

In Heatilator furnace and boiler models the control/circuit board assembly will be installed behind the control board faceplate. The BH105 and BH60 boiler models will use circuit board 1-00-06143, whereas the BA100 and BIO-120 furnace models will use circuit board 1-00-05888. Heatilator Eco-Choice freestanding stove models will use an enclosed control box which plugs directly into the wiring harness junction box. The PS35, PS50, and CAB50 will use control box part number SRV7058-172, SRV7058-188. Regardless of your control box or circuit board style, we highly recommend the use of a surge protector of at least 1000 joules to protect against power surges and strikes.

safety switches and sensors

When it comes to safety switches and sensors, Heatilator Eco-Choice freestanding stove models will use a thermocouple, low limit switch, high limit switch, vacuum pressure switch, and fuel hopper switch. Heatilator Eco-Choice furnace and boiler models will use an exhaust ESP thermistor probe, vacuum pressure switch, hopper muffler, and a fan limit switch for furnace models.


The PS35, PS50, and CAB50 models will use a 14″ thermocouple, part number SRV7034-186. The thermocouple has a ceramic cover and extends over the burnpot detecting heat during the start-up cycle. Once temperature is reached it provides signal to the control box allowing the stove to go into normal operation mode. If your stove will not feed pellet fuel after the initial start-up, we will want to clean and inspect the thermocouple. For further knowledge on thermocouples and troubleshooting tips, please see our video below.

Limit Switches

The low limit switch, part number SRV230-1220, is mounted by the combustion blower/exhaust fan and will lock in during start-up and re-open to shut the blower down once everything is cool. If your exhaust fan is not staying on during operation or if it is not shutting off when the stove is cool, we will want to inspect this thermodisc. The high limit switch, part number SRV230-1960, has a manual reset and is typically located near the room air blower or auger shaft housing. This switch is normally closed and will open if temperatures exceed 175 degrees breaking connection to the auger motor. Generally this switch will trip if the convection fan/room air blower is not operating correctly or if the firebox gets too hot during operation. If the high limit switch is tripping we recommend a thorough cleaning of the stove and flue vent pipe as well as inspection of the convection fan blower. The Heatilator Eco-Choice furnace models will have a fan limit switch that mounts in the plenum, part number 3-20-23139. This fan limit switch will control the on/off cycles of the furnace blower. Take a look at our video below for further information on limit switches.

Vacuum Pressure Switch

The vacuum switch, also referred to as the pressure switch or low draft switch, senses pressure in the firebox and exhaust. As a safety sensor, the vacuum/pressure switch will shut down the fuel feed auger if proper pressure is not sensed in the firebox or exhaust. Most common areas to check when seeing a vacuum switch error will be the front door gasket, ash pan gasket, and glass gasket to ensure there is proper seal. From there ash accumulation in the stove, exhaust manifold, and exhaust venting should be checked and cleaned. Additionally, if our combustion blower is not running at proper voltage, it will not be able to lock in the vacuum switch. The Heatilator Eco-Choice PS35, PS50, and CAB50 models will use vacuum switch SRV7000-531. The Heatilator Eco-Choice BA100, BH105, BH60, and BIO-120 models will use vacuum switch 3-20-6866 in the event the switch itself is faulty and needs to be replaced. Learn more about vacuum switches and troubleshooting in our video below.

Hopper Switches

The hopper switch is a safety sensor that will shut down your auger feed motor if the fuel hopper lid is left open. The Heatilator Eco-Choice PS35 and PS50 models will use hopper switch SRV7000-612. The CAB50 model will use hopper switch SRV7000-375. The Heatilator Eco-Choice BA100 furnace model will use a hopper muffler vacuum sensor and fitting, part 1-00-18186618.

ESP Thermistor Probe

The Heatilator Eco-Choice ESP thermistor or exhaust sensing probe is an advanced temperature sensing system used to measure how much heat the stove is producing out the exhaust to deliver precision heating control. It will constantly monitor and adjust heat output to maintain set temperatures +/- 1 degree.  Heatilator BA100, BIO-120, BH105, and BH60 models will use the ESP thermistor probe. There is a black wire ESP and a red wire ESP probe; be sure to check your existing ESP probe wire color and order the same as replacement. Some common symptoms of a bad ESP probe is your stove not shutting completely down after cooling, your distribution / room fan not turning on or off, or improper heat output based on your control board selections.  Your ESP may need to be replaced if your status light has a repeated 3 blink error. The below video illustrates how to clean and remove your ESP.


The Heatilator BA100 furnace model will use a specialty wall thermostat part number 3-20-08101, and the Heatilator Eco-Choice PS35, PS50, and CAB50 models have been approved to use the Emerson digital readout wall thermostat. Wall thermostats will work directly with the control board allowing you to maintain set temperature throughout the season.