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Hudson River pellet stove gasket seals. Ensuring your gaskets are sealing correctly will increase the safety and performance of your Hudson River stove. We offer door rope gasket kits, flat tape ash pan door gasket, glass gasket, combustion blower housing and motor gaskets, and convection fan mount gaskets.

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We carry the Hudson River Chatham and Davenport door rope gasket kit. This is a 1/2″ round rope gasket that seals the firebox door to the stove body frame. Overtime the gasket will wear and create air leakage which will affect your fire, efficiency, and can trip the vacuum switch not allowing the auger motor to run. Regularly inspect your gasket to ensure it's making a tight seal all the way around. When you need to replace, follow along with our installation video.

Hudson River Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook models will use a window channel 3/4″ wide flat glass gasket which creates the seal from the glass to the door frame. Visually inspect this gasket when you are performing your routine maintenance to ensure it is making proper seal. Over time this gasket will get brittle and cause air leaks that will affect the fire and performance of your Hudson River pellet stove. When it comes time to replace your glass gasket, please follow along with our installation video below.

The Hudson River Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook pellet stove models will use a flat tape style fiberglass gasket for the pedestal and ash pan door gasket seal. Same as our firebox door gasket, it's very important this gasket seal is tight all the way around during operation, and that it is replaced at first signs of wear or air leakage.

The Hudson River combustion blower will have two gasket seals. The first is a 6″ round gasket that goes from the motor to the housing. The second is an oblong gasket that goes from the housing to the stove manifold. When removing your combustion blower exhaust fan motor, check these gasket seals and replace them when worn or cracked.  The convection fan, also known as the distribution blower will have a rectangular mount gasket from the motor housing to the air channel in the stove. Always make sure this gasket is in-tact for proper heat circulation into the room.

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