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  • PelPro Combustion Blower Exhaust Fan Motor Kit, Aftermarket

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  • Glow Boy & PelPro Combustion Blower Exhaust Fan Motor Kit, Aftermarket

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  • PelPro & Glow Boy Auger Feed Motor, 2 RPM Clockwise, Aftermarket

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  • Pellethead Replacement Glow Boy & PelPro Cooling Cup Impeller Wheel for the Combustion Blower Exhaust Fan Motor

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  • Pellethead Replacement Pellet & Corn Stove 2 RPM Clockwise Auger Feed Motor & Agitator Motor, *REFURBISHED*

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  • Pellet Stove Auger Feed Motor, 2 RPM, Aftermarket *REFURBISHED*

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  • Pellethead Replacement Convection Blower Distribution Room Air Fan Kit *REFURBISHED*

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The PelPro PP130, PP150, PP60, PP70, PPC90 and TSC90 models will use a specialty 64TYZ synchronous 2 RPM auger feed motor part number SRV7000-670. If you have a PelPro PP300 model the replacement auger motor will be a 2 RPM clockwise standard gear motor, part numbers ACAMTRAS and KS-5010-1010. The auger feed motor churns pellets up the auger shaft to drop in the burnpot. As these motors wear over time we will often notice squealing or grinding coming from the motor, low torque, and inconsistent operation. For the auger motor, there are several safety switches in-line with the motor that will not allow it to operate if there is a safety issue or if we have a faulty switch. You can test your auger motor to direct power to determine if the motor is operational or not by making a 'Test-Cord'. See our guide video below.

General auger feed motor replacement video.

PelPro PP130, PP150, PP60, PP70, PPC90, and TSC90 pellet stove models will use the 812-4400 70 CFM combustion blower for which we offer the OEM as well as aftermarket kit options for. If you have a PelPro PP300 model, the correct replacement combustion blower will be part numbers ACCBFNAS and KS5020-1040 which is a 2500 RPM motor kit. The combustion blower, also referred to as the exhaust fan or draft motor, pulls air through the burnpot in the firebox, up past the heat exchange tubes, and down the rear firewall forcing the exhaust out of the vent pipe. As the combustion blower weakens over time, we will often notice bearing/bushing noise during operation and a lazy/sooty flame in the firebox. Our vacuum pressure air switch can trip and we can have ignition issues if our combustion blower is not operating at proper RPM as well. Cleaning the motor regularly, along with the manifold and exhaust vent flue pipe can extend the life expectancy and overall performance of the motor. If you are purchasing one of our exhaust fan kits for replacement, please see our general installation video below.

The PelPro PP60 pellet stove model will use an open-face style convection fan, part number SRV7000-659. PelPro PP130, PP150, PP300, PP70, PPC90, and TSC90 models manufactured in 2013 to current will use a snail-style convection fan, part number KS-5020-1052. The convection fan will circulate air through the fins of the blower directing that air through the heat exchange tubes and into your home. It's important to regularly inspect and clean your convection fan for optimal performance. Compressed air or a dry paint brush works well for cleaning dust and debris from the motor windings and the fan paddle impeller wheel. Be sure to read the motor label to see if oil/lubrication is required on your motor. As our PelPro convection fan wears over time we will generally start to hear abnormal noise from the motor, less air velocity coming out of the front of the stove, and possibly our high limit switch tripping if the heat is unable to be dispersed. If you are replacing your convection fan, see our general installation guide videos below.

Snail-Style Blower Installation

Open-Face Style Blower Installation

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