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Pleasant Hearth pellet stove interior and exterior parts. Currently we offer the Pleasant Hearth burnpot/firepot for the PH35PS, PH50PS, PH50CABPS, and PHC90 pellet stove models. In this category you will also find the replacement firebox baffle kit for the PHC90 stove model.

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We are currently expanding our part replacement offerings for Pleasant Hearth interior and exterior components. Currently we offer the Pleasant Hearth burnpot (also referred to as the firepot or grate weldment), for the PH35PS, PH50PS, PH50CABPS, and PHC90 pellet stove models. The burnpot should be regularly cleaned and inspected. You will notice variances in the frequency of cleaning based on your pellet fuel type and stove heat output settings. Always make sure the burnpot holes/grates are free and clear of ash build-up or blockage, and be sure the burnpot is seated properly after cleaning for proper ignition and combustion. We recommend replacement of the burnpot when there are breaks, cracks, or warpage.

We offer the 3-Piece firebox baffle set for the Pleasant Hearth PHC90 pellet stove. It's important that you are removing these panels during your routine maintenance for cleaning of the panels and ash trapped behind. Ash will act as a combustion air restriction as well as having an insulation factor. Keeping this area clean will provide better combustion efficiency and more heat coming in to the room. Inspect baffles for warping, cracks, or burn-throughs during your maintenance and replace if you see any of these signs.

Please contact us if you are looking for a Pleasant Hearth exterior or interior part you can't find. We are happy to accommodate special order requests.