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  • QuadraFire Mt Vernon AE & Edge 60 Wall Control Thermostat *OPEN BOX*

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  • QuadraFire Mt. Vernon OE Control Box, 4 Speed, OEM *REFURBISHED*

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  • QuadraFire Control Box, 3 Speed Circuit Board, OEM *REFURBISHED*

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Quadra-Fire offers a few different styles of control boards and circuit boards depending on the model. The 3-Speed control box will be the most common being the replacement for the CB1200, CB1200i, Castile, Castile Insert, Contour, Santa Fe, and Santa Fe Insert models. Early Quadra-Fire models such as the 800 Nova, 1000 and 1100i will use the 812-0261 style control box. The original Mt. Vernon model will use a 4-Speed control box, while the Mt. Vernon AE and Edge 60 will use a specialty circuit board assembly in combination with the power supply and wall control thermostat. The Mt Vernon E2 models will have their own circuit board and the Trekker models will have their own circuit board in combination with the wireless Bluetooth thermostat control. If you are replacing the Quadra-Fire 3-Speed control box, see our helpful guide video below on installation and settings.

Most Quadra-Fire pellet stoves will have a thermocouple that is placed over the firepot with the ceramic protection tube. The thermocouple monitors heat during startup and allows the unit to go into normal operation once temperature has been met. If your Quadra-Fire is not feeding fuel after initial start-up, the thermocouple is generally the first item that we will take a look at. We offer factory OEM and aftermarket thermocouples for all Quadra-Fire pellet stove models. For further knowledge on thermocouples and troubleshooting tips, please see our video below.

Quadra-Fire pellet stoves have several safety switches and sensors depending on the model. The vacuum switch is one of the most common sensing air pressure in the firebox and exhaust venting. As a safety sensor, the vacuum/pressure switch will shut down the fuel feed auger if proper pressure is not sensed in the firebox or exhaust. Most common areas to check when seeing a vacuum switch error will be the front door gasket, ash pan gasket, and glass gasket to ensure there is proper seal. From there ash accumulation in the stove, exhaust manifold, and exhaust venting should be checked and cleaned. Additionally, if our combustion blower is not running at proper voltage, it will not be able to lock in the vacuum switch. We offer both the OEM and aftermarket vacuum switch for Quadra-Fire in the event the switch itself is faulty and needs to be replaced. Learn more about vacuum switches and troubleshooting in our video below.

Quadra-Fire has several limit switches used in their pellet stove models, often referred to as snap discs or a Thermodisk. These safety devices will vary in design, function, and temperature rating. From turning on the convection room air blower to excessive heat auger motor shutdown, getting the correct replacement is vital for the operation and safety of the stove. The Mt Vernon E2 and Trekker models will use an exhaust probe which is unique to these models. Several models will also have a hopper switch and/or door switch that will shut down the fuel feed if the door is left open. Check out our video below to learn a bit more about limit switches and how they function within your Quadra-Fire pellet stove.