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Ravelli and EcoTeck pellet stove replacement blowers, fans, and motors. We offer replacement centrifugal fans, also referred to as the convection fan or distribution blower. The Ravelli and EcoTeck smoke fan which is often referred to as the exhaust motor or combustion blower fan, and the 2 RPM auger feed fuel motor.

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  • Pellethead Replacement Ravelli & EcoTeck Pellet Stove Centrifugal Fan Blower 55217

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  • Pellet Stove Auger Feed Motor, 2 RPM, Aftermarket *REFURBISHED*

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Ravelli and EcoTeck have a couple different styles for the centrifugal blower fan depending on the model. Select models such as the RC120 and Holly C will use two centrifugal blowers, one for the left side and one for the right side. The centrifugal blower circulates room-air through the heat exchange tubes expelling the heated air into the room. As this blower becomes weak we will often notice abnormal noise during operation and poor air circulation. It's important to regularly inspect and clean your centrifugal blower fins for best performance and longevity. Both compressed air and a dry paintbrush work as excellent tools in cleaning the dust and debris from the blower fins. When it comes time to replace this blower, you can follow along with our general guide videos below.

Ravelli and EcoTeck models will use a unique EBM ball bearing smoke fan also known as the exhaust fan or combustion blower. The smoke fan draws air through the burnpot, up past the heat exchange tubes, down the rear firewall, expelling the exhaust out of the flue vent pipe. As the smoke fan weakens over time we may notice abnormal noise, fire inefficiency, and our vacuostat tripping which will shut off power to the auger feed motor. Regularly inspecting and cleaning your smoke fan and impeller blade will lead to increased performance and life expectancy. We offer both OEM and aftermarket options when the time comes to replace this motor.

Ravelli and EcoTeck pellet stove models will use a 2 RPM clockwise rotation auger feed motor assembly. The auger motor works in sequence with the circuit board intermittently rotating and churning pellet fuel up the auger shaft. When our auger motor weakens we will often notice inconsistency with fuel delivery, auger jams, or abnormal noises during operation. Check out our videos below to test your auger motor and to learn how to replace your auger motor.

If you are looking for a Ravelli or EcoTeck motor, fan, or blower you are unable to find, please contact us for special order inquiries.