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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone 1/4″ Tubing Hose, 3′

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  • MagnuM & Reliant Auger Bushing Set, OEM

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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone 1/8″ Tubing Hose, 5′

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    MagnuM & Reliant 2″ Plug Button, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement Pellet & Corn Stove 2 RPM Clockwise Auger Feed Motor & Agitator Motor, *REFURBISHED*

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  • Pellet Stove Auger Feed Motor, 2 RPM, Aftermarket *REFURBISHED*

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  • Pellethead Replacement Combustion Blower Exhaust Fan Motor Kit *REFURBISHED*

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  • Pellethead Ash Vault Pro *Demo*

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  • Pellethead Ash Vault Pro *Scratch N’ Dent*

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We offer electrical replacement parts for select Reliant models including the control circuit board, wiring harness, limit switches, and power supply. We highly recommend a surge protector to be in place to prevent shorts or strikes from harming electrical componentry. For the feed system we offer both the AC and DC Reliant auger feed motors and auger bushing set. As the auger bushings wear we will often notice frequent auger jams and abnormal noise while the auger is rotating. The auger feed motor will generally have similar issues as it gets week. When it comes time to replace your auger motor you can follow along with our general guide video below.

We offer both OEM and aftermarket igniter replacements for Reliant pellet stove models. The ignition element gets cherry hot during the start-up cycle, as the combustion blower air rushes past the heating element it becomes 'super-heated' creating ignition to the pellets in the burnpot. When experiencing issues with your igniter element, you can test the ohms to ensure it's in proper range and you can check common issues that can lead to missed ignition cycles. Check out our video below to learn more.

Reliant door rope gasket should be inspected on a regular basis and replaced when it is no longer making a tight seal from the stove door to the stove body. As the door gasket wears it will effect the performance, efficiency, and safety of your Reliant pellet stove. When it comes time to replace your door gasket, follow along with our general installation video here.

We offer an aftermarket replacement combustion blower for the Reliant AC models and we offer the OEM convection blower for the Reliant DC models. The combustion blower, also referred to as the exhaust fan or draft motor, pulls air through the burnpot, past the heat exchange tubes, forcing the exhaust out of the vent piping. The convection blower, also referred to as the distribution fan or room air blower, circulates room air through the heat exchange tubes, expelling the heated air into the room. If you are purchasing one of our aftermarket combustion blower kits for the Reliant Essex AC or T40 AC models, check out our assembly video below.