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St. Croix pellet and corn stove fans, blowers, and motors. We offer virtually every convection fan, combustion blower, auger feed motor, and versa grate motor for St. Croix stoves, inserts, and furnace models.

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St. Croix uses the same combustion blower (also referred to as the exhaust fan or draft motor) for all of their models, all years of manufacturer. St. Croix models manufactured in 2003 and earlier will have a 3-wire combustion blower. The new combustion blower will be 2-wire and comes with a pigtail splitter for installation into 3-wire models. We offer OEM and aftermarket options for the combustion blower. All options will include the motor, mounting gasket, and fan paddle impeller. You will utilize your existing blower housing and limit switch located on the housing. If the housing is removed for maintenance or service, be sure to replace the oblong gasket seal. If the housing is staying in-tact and you are only removing the motor, be sure to inspect and replace the round 6″ gasket if needed. See our helpful guide video below for installation assistance.

The St. Croix convection fan (also referred to as the distribution blower or room-air fan motor) circulates air through the heat exchange tubes, distributing the heated air into the room. There are a few different types and styles of convection fans depending on your St. Croix model and year of manufacturer. If you are unsure, the manufacturer date can be found on the UL label which is typically located on the rear panel of St. Croix stoves. As our convection fan wears over time, we will often notice noise coming from the motor, poor air distribution, and potentially our high limit switch tripping if the heat is unable to be dispersed properly. All convection fans will have impellers wheels; it's important that we are regularly cleaning the impeller wheel from dust, hair, and accumulated debris. Earlier models had a convection fan that required annual lubrication; be sure to check your motors label and oil if directed. There will be a rectangular gasket used on the 'snail-style' convection fan blower; be sure to inspect and replace when needed. If you are replacing a snail-style convection fan, see our general guide video below.

St. Croix has used the same 2 RPM clockwise auger feed motor in all of their pellet and corn stove models throughout all years of manufacturer. The auger feed motor operates in line with the control board intermittently turning which churns pellets or corn up the auger shaft dropping them down the feed chute. As our auger motor starts to wear out it will often make squealing or grinding noises when in operation, have inconsistencies with fuel feed, or we'll see more frequent auger jams. Keep in mind there are several safety switches and sensors in your St. Croix that will shut down the auger motor if they trip or are faulty. If your auger motor is not running at all, you can create a test cord and run to direct power to determine if the issue is with the motor or something else. See our helpful videos below on creating a test cord and general auger motor installation.

The versa grate motor is unique to St. Croix and is used in the majority of their pellet stove models and inserts. The versa grate motor runs continuous while the unit is in operation. This motor essentially moves a small round cam wheel located under the feed system which allows the shaker plate under the burnpot weldment to move back and forth slowly. This allows the burnpot/firepot grate weldment to stay cleaner longer and be more forgiving with standard grades of pellet fuel. The versa grate motor will have grease zert fittings for lubrication. Be sure to check your shaker plate and versa grate motor functionality during your routine maintenance. Please click here if you are looking for other versa grate parts or components.