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  • Pellethead Replacement Combustion Blower Exhaust Fan Motor Kit *REFURBISHED*

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Depending on your Lopi pellet stove model there are a couple different combustion blower replacements. The Lopi APG will use combustion blower 250-02610 which has a larger mount. The Lopi Leyden PS, Yankee Bay PI, and Yankee PS will also use a combustion blower that has a larger mount replacing part numbers 93005535 and 250-00538. The Lopi Elan, Foxfire, Heritage Bay, and Pioneer models will use combustion blower part 90-0391 and 250-00527 which has a smaller mount. For these models we also offer the full combustion blower assembly in both OEM and aftermarket options. Also referred to as the exhaust fan motor, the combustion blower is pulling air through your burnpot via the air intake, drawing the heat past the heat exchange tubes, and forcing the exhaust out of the vent pipe. As the combustion blower wears over time we will often notice noise coming from the motor, a lazy inefficient fire, smoke escaping into the room and/or our vacuum pressure switch tripping if the motor is not running at proper RPM. Regularly servicing and maintaining your combustion blower will increase the life expectancy and overall performance. Use compressed air to clean dust and debris from the motor windings. Clean the exhaust housing area and fan paddle from excess ash. Double check the label on your motor to see if it requires annual lubrication. If you are replacing your combustion blower with one of our motor kits, please watch our installation video below.

The convection fan, also referred to as the distribution blower or room-air fan motor, circulates air forcing it out of the heat exchange tubes and into the room. The Lopi AGP, Fox Fire 400 PI, Fox Fire 400 PS, Foxfire PS, Leyden PS, Yankee Bay PI, and Yankee PS will use a 'snail-style' convection fan replacing part numbers 90-0491, 98900755, and 250-00588. The Lopi Heritage Bay PI, Heritage Bay PS, Pioneer Bay PI, and Pioneer PS will use an elongated 'open-face' style convection fan part number 98900755a, 250-00589, and 250-03861. Use compressed air and a dry paint brush to regularly clean the motor windings and impeller wheel from dust, hair, and accumulated debris. Check your motor label to see if it requires lubrication. When our convection fan starts to fail we will often hear noises from the motor, notice less air circulation, and possibly see the high limit switch trip if the fan is unable to expel the heat properly. If you are replacing a snail-style blower, see our general guide video below.

Virtually all Lopi pellet stoves will use a 1 RPM clockwise rotation auger feed motor. For the Lopi APG model they refer to this as the metering motor. The auger gear motor rotates intermittently depending on your heat settings, churning pellet fuel up the auger shaft, and dropping the pellets down the feed chute into your burnpot. As the auger motor wears we will often hear grinding or squealing coming from the motor, inconsistent fuel delivery, and frequent auger jams. Keep in mind the safety switches inside your Lopi can shut down power to the auger motor if they are tripped or faulty. If your auger motor is not working at all, you can test with direct power to determine if it's a motor issue or a safety switch issue. Learn how to create a test cord by following our video below.

We are expanding our Lopi pellet line of replacement parts. Please contact us for special order inquiries.