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US Stove Company (USSC) replacement pellet stove igniter elements and specialty electrical parts. We offer OEM and aftermarket igniters, plenum thermistor probe, and exhaust thermistor probe for US Stove models.

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The US Stove igniter element is located within the firepot/burnpot area. During the startup cycle, the igniter will get cherry hot. The combustion blower air rushing past the igniter element becomes 'super-heated' creating ignition to the pellets in the burnpot. If you are experiencing ignition issues, keep in mind it's the super-heated air lighting the fire; any air loss or air blockages can cause missed ignition. You can test your igniters ohms to see if it's in proper operating range; this is an easy way to determine if your igniter is good or bad. If your igniter is in proper range and you are experiencing ignition issues, start with the simple things first.

  • Stove and vent pipe have been thoroughly cleaned
  • Door gasket, ash door gasket, and glass gasket are sealing tightly
  • Burnpot/firepot grate is clean and seated properly
  • Air intake channel is free and clear of obstructions
  • Combustion blower is running at proper voltage

For further understanding and troubleshooting, check out our igniter video below. General igniter installation video below as well when the time comes for replacement.