Vogelzang pellet and wood stove gaskets. We offer door rope gasket seal replacements, combustion blower exhaust fan gasket replacements for the motor and housing, and convection fan distribution blower mount gasket replacements.

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Vogelzang firebox door rope gasket replacements. Depending on your Vogelzang stove model there are variances in the size door gasket needed for replacement. The door gasket seats in a groove around the door providing proper seal to the stove firebox body. As this gasket wears we will notice a lazy, sooty fire, and potentially our vacuum pressure switch tripping shutting off the fuel feed. Inspect your gasket regularly to ensure you have a tight seal all the way around. When it's time to replace your door gasket, follow along with our installation video below.

The Vogelzang pellet stove combustion blower exhaust fan assembly will have 2 gasket seals. There is a 6″ round gasket that goes from the motor to the housing which we offer as the ceramic liotherm and silicone replacement options. This gasket should be inspected every time the motor is removed for cleaning or service. Replace when there are signs of wear, cracks, or breaks. The combustion blower will also have an oblong gasket that creates the seal from the combustion blower housing to the stove manifold. If you are pulling out the full assembly for cleaning or service this gasket should be inspected and replaced if there are signs of wear.

The Vogelzang convection fan, distribution blower motor will have a rectangular mount gasket that will go from the blower snout to the air manifold. For proper air circulation, always make sure this gasket is making a tight seal.

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