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Vogelzang pellet stove igniters and specialty electrical replacement parts. We currently offer the 80604 igniter element, both OEM and aftermarket, for the VG5770 and VG5790 models. If you are in search of other igniter elements or specialty electrical parts, please contact us for special order information.

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  • Pellethead Replacement US Stove, Vogelzang, Ashley Pellet Stove Igniter Element

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The Vogelzang VG5770 and VG5790 pellet stove igniter. USSC part 80604, available in OEM and aftermarket. The igniter is the hot rod heating element in your burn grate area. During the start-up cycle, power is given to the igniter element which in turn will get red hot. The combustion blower air circulating past the igniter becomes 'super-heated' and creates ignition to the pellets in the burnpot. If there are any air losses or air blockages in your Vogelzang, the stove will not be able to auto-ignite. Be sure your door and ash pan door gaskets are sealing tight, your burnpot is clean from build-up, plugged holes and is seated properly, your combustion fan is running properly, and your stove and venting are thoroughly cleaned from any ash blockage. You can test the ohms on your igniter to determine if it's in proper range with a basic multi-meter. Please see our video below for an igniter testing guide.

When it comes time to replace your Vogelzang igniter, check out our general installation video below.

If you are in search of other Vogelzang igniter/ignition elements or specialty electrical parts such as wiring harnesses, please contact us for special order information.