Harman Stove & Fireplace Insert Burnpot, Firepot Grate Scraper Tool


Harman Stove & Fireplace Insert Burnpot, Firepot Grate Scraper Tool

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Custom burnpot scraper designed specifically for Harman Stoves & Fireplace Insert Models. The Last Firepot Scraper You Will Ever Need. Guaranteed Best Price with the Fastest Shipping!

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Harman Stove & Insert Burnpot Scraper

The Last Firepot Scraper You Will Ever Buy!


Designed for all Harman Freestanding and Fireplace Insert Pellet Stove Models:

Part Numbers:

~ 2-00-773850-10 | Mar22


~ Upgrade Burnpot Scraping Tool for Harman Stoves and Inserts

~ Features a heavy duty elongated handle with dipped rubber grip. Angle provides more torque allowing effective firepot cleaning with less force.

~  17″ long handle keeps your hands outside the firebox; easier for cleaning while the unit is in operation and saves your hands.

~ Drop forged steel hardened tip; 52 rockwell hardness- Won’t round off over time like the factory scraper – Built to last forever!

~ Made in the USA

PRO TIP: When it’s time to clean the firepot, flip the igniter toggle to manual and turn the temp dial all the way down to 50. Wait 30 minutes till there is a very small fire in the burn pot. Open the door and scrape the burn pot while it’s hot. The build-up will break up easier, less will fall through to the igniter area and you can scrape all the way into the throat of the burn pot. Once complete, crank it back up to your desired temp setting. New fuel coming in will push the scraped build-up over the edge into your ash pan. Be aware that there will probably be a bit of ‘sparks’ flying around as the flame picks back up; this is completely normal.

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Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 4 x 3 in


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