Uncle Jed’s Cold Remedy – Southern Hardwood

Uncle Jed’s Cold Remedy – Southern Hardwood

Uncle Jed’s Cold Remedy Southern Hardwood exceeds all PFI premium standards. Uncle Jed’s Hardwood pellets provide excellent heat, cleanliness and value.


100% premium southern oak hardwood pellet fuel. This is one of the hottest and cleanest hardwood pellets we have ever carried. Less than .33% ash by weight, producing 8250 BTU’s per lb. Uncle Jed’s southern hardwood will deliver intense heat, low ash and minimal fire-pot build up. Regularly tested, Uncle Jed’s is a brand name you can depend on. The Southern is our #1 selling hardwood pellet. Available in the 40 lb bag, and 50 bag pallet.

BTU’s per lb. (As Received) 8250
Raw Material Southern Oak
Ash Content .33%
Bag Type Eco-Friendly


**Wood pellets are offered locally in Wisconsin & Upper Michigan.

**Stove Customers of Earth Sense receive deeper discount pricing on pellet fuel.

**We do not give pricing by email or by phone. We have several convenient locations close to everyone we are allowed to serve.

**Truckload pricing available. Dealer inquiries welcome. Contact us


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