Uncle Jed’s Softwood Animal Bedding

Uncle Jed’s Softwood Animal Bedding

Uncle Jed’s wood pellet animal bedding is the cleanest, easiest, most cost effective alternative to traditional bedding and animal litter products. Our premium animal bedding is superior to other brands, and your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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Due to the custom nature of this product, we ask that you speak with one of our trained sales reps.

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~ Uncle Jed’s Animal Bedding will save you 25-50% in bedding and litter costs. Our pine and spruce blend offers the best in natural odor control. Our bedding is free from tars, oils, hydrocarbons, and other potential allergens. Regularly tested, Uncle Jed’s animal bedding is guaranteed mycotoxin free with zero traces of black walnut.

~ Spend less time cleaning! Soiled areas become noticeable and easily removed avoiding costly waste. Wood pellet bedding will expand three to five times its volume when exposed to moisture. Cut your storage space in half! Uncle Jed’s Animal Bedding is available by the 40lb bag or 50 bag ton. Full pallets are protected by a thick cover allowing you to store outside year round. Local delivery is available.

*Recommendations for using:

-Cats, Gerbils, Hamsters, Birds and other small animals: Spread the pellets approximately 2-3” deep across your litter box or bottom cage tray. Removed soiled areas daily, fill in more pellets as needed.

-Horses, cows, pigs and other large animals: Spread the pellets approximately 1-2” deep across the stall floor or animal housing area. Use a gardening can or spray bottle and lightly dampen the surface with water. Remove soiled areas as needed. The average 10×10 stall will require approximately 6 bags for initial coverage, and a bag per week for fill in.

**Custom packaging / bagging available for wholesalers. Truckload pricing available and dealer inquires are welcomed.

**For questions, inquiries or to place an order please contact us or call toll free 800-236-6647

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