WPPO Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Wood Pellet and Charcoal Hybrid + 5lbs Hickory Pellets


WPPO Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Wood Pellet and Charcoal Hybrid + 5lbs Hickory Pellets

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The Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Hybrid. Get the Guaranteed Lowest Price with the Fastest Free Shipping!



Complete Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Cooking Kit


Use more than just wood and cook more than just Pizza.

The Best Wood Pellet Pizza Oven you can buy without breaking the bank. The oven reaches temps over 900 degrees Fahrenheit,  Cooks Fresh Pizzas in minutes. WPPO Oven includes: Deluxe Pizza Peel, rocker style Pizza Cutter, 4 oz sauce ladle, 12″ Pizza Pan, Baking Stone and a Cover that can be used as a travel bag.

WPPO Hybrid is a cross from High Dollar Wood Fired Pizza Ovens and their less expensive competitors. WPPO Gives you the same high temp cooking and wood fire flavor for much less money while preforming better than the low dollar competitors for around the same money.

The Turbo Draft Air Induction System Allows WPPO to burn hotter and recover heat faster between pizzas. So more great pizzas in less time. The TDAIS also allows for reaching cooking temperature faster and easier lighting of your wood pellets.

WPPO Down Draft Flame System makes for consistently cooked pizza from the middle to the edges as our flame box directs heat into the proper burning patterns to assure a perfect evenly cooked pizza.

WPPO has added a few other new features to set it’s self apart from the competition. We offers an Analog high temp thermometer to keep track of temps while cooking. We have added a flame viewing door, in the main door for you to look into the oven and check the flame without losing all of your heat. and we have also added insulation around the fire box to keep heat in and temps cooler around the outside of the oven.

Part Number:  WPPOKIT


~ Pizza Oven

~ Sauce Ladle

~ Pizza Peel

~ Carrying Bag

~ Rocker Style Pizza Cutter

~ 5lbs Uncle Jed’s Premium Hickory Hardwood Pellets

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Additional Information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 20 x 15 in


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